Call Of Duty Mobile Promises Earlier Roadmaps For Future Seasons

Call of Duty Mobile recently launched its western-themed season update, Once Upon a Time in Rust. But the mobile game has a lot more planned for the coming months, as outlined in a broad-ranging content roadmap. That includes new seasonal challenges, a new event, and more. You also shouldn’t have to wait as long before hearing about future content, so there will almost always be something to look forward to next.

The roadmap image gives a quick overview of all the content coming over the next several weeks. The left side is dedicated to general content drops that came alongside the season update, while the right side outlines other additions that will continue to drop throughout the rest of the season. Those include the Saloon multiplayer map, 1v1 Duel, and Tactical Grenade Cryo Bomb in mid-May. The Poltergeist class will then arrive in late May.

The studio also noted that these roadmaps will be made available before the launch of future seasons to give players a quick overview of what’s coming.

Currently you can participate in the Gold Rush event, which lets you collect gold in Battle Royale or Kill Confirmed modes to trade for unique rewards. A new draw is now available, opening up the RUS-79U Dustkicker and Scarlett, an epic character you may recognize from playing Black Ops.

As for the future, more seasonal challenges are set to come to satisfy those who have already finished the first round. In the long-term, some sort of revised progression system is on the way to give more longevity to those who have already hit max level–though the blog doesn’t mention exactly what it will entail.

Call of Duty Mobile “Once Upon a Time in Rust” Season