Epic Removes Offensive "Redskins" Logo From Fortnite NFL Skin, Offers Refunds

The Washington Football Team finally changed their racist “Redskins” name this year after years of pressure from activists and fans, but it’s taken the world of video games a while to catch up. Now, Epic has removed the offensive former logo of the team from a collection of Fortnite NFL skins, and it’s offering refunds to players who purchased any of those skins.

Each NFL logo is a selectable “style” on the eight different cosmetic variants. The refund period will last until November 12. Last year, Epic refunded a pet named Gunner when fans pointed out how similar it was to an already-released dog pet, Bonesy.

Considering that the Washington Football Team announced the change back in July, this move seems a tad tardy, to say the least. EA removed the logo and moniker from Madden 21 through a post-release patch back in August. The Washington Football Team has yet to decide on an alternative name, despite the fact that the NFL season is well underway at this point.

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