Fortnite Fishing Guide: How To Consume A Legendary Fish (Week 6)

Fortnite’s Week 6 challenges include a special fishing task. Players will have to consume a Legendary Fish in one of the game’s many modes. This guide will help you find the best way to get the right fishing gear and find the right fishing spot so you can catch a Legendary fish quickly.

This challenge leaked early, so check back later this week to see if it’s live in Fortnite.

Where To Catch A Legendary Fish

There’s no shortcut to catching a Legendary fish. All you need to do is fish, though. You should land at a named location close to a large body of water, like Sweaty Sands, and grab one of the fishing poles located on the pier before heading for the water. Remember: you can fish with explosives, harpoon guns, and fishing poles. You can even fish with the rockets in the speed boats; all you need to do is shoot the fishing spots with them.

Fishing spots look like small bits of white located in the rivers, lakes, and ponds. Head to any of them and fish. Larger bodies of water, like the ones near Lazy Lake, The Authority, Coral Castle, and others, will have more fishing spots. Legendary fish are the orange versions of every fish. They are more difficult to get than other rarities of fish, just like the various weapons rarities. Here’s a list of all the available fish and what they do:

  • Floppers: Heal 40 Health Points (Up to 100)
  • Slurpfish: Heal 50 Health/Shield
  • Spicy Fish: Heal 15 Health/Temporary Speed Boost
  • Hop Floppers: Give Players Better Jumping/Low Gravity
  • Jellyfish: Every Players Nearby 20 Health (Like Chug Splashes)
  • Shieldfish: Gain 50 Shield
  • Thermal Fish: Gives Players Thermal Vision
  • Small Fry: Heal 25 (Up to 75)

After a handful of tries you should be lucky enough to land a Legendary fish. All you need to do is consume it once you’ve caught it to complete the challenge.

If you’re having trouble finding a Legendary fish, stick with it. Fishing is a reliable strategy to winning in the battle royale mode. Grab a fishing pole and hunker down. Even if you don’t get a Legendary fish right away, you’ll find weapons, ammo, and health in the meantime which will set you up for success. It’s easy to see why everyone loves to fish in Fortnite.

What Reward Do I Get For Consuming A Legendary Fish?

You’ll net 25,000 experience points for catching and consuming a Legendary fish. You’ll need the experience points to unlock all the extra styles for the different Marvel skins featured in the battle pass. Don’t forget to complete the Wolverine challenges and unlock Wolverine this week as well.

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