Fortnite Joker Gas Canister Locations: Where Are Gas Canisters To Defuse?

Fortnite’s teased Batman crossover event kicked off over the weekend, bringing an assortment of Batman-inspired content to the game. Not only are there Batman skins and other cosmetics to purchase from the in-game store, there’s also a set of limited-time challenges to complete, which will unlock other Batman-themed rewards, such as a Catwing Glider.

The Fortnite Batman challenges will be live until October 1, so you have until then to complete all of them and claim a special prize. Fortunately, most of the tasks are fairly straightforward and can be cleared with enough persistence, but one that may give you some trouble asks you to defuse Joker canisters found in different named locations. If you’re not sure where to look, we explain where to go and what to do below.

Where Are The Joker Gas Canister Locations?

Unlike the Bat Signals you need to light for a different Batman challenge, the Joker canisters do not appear in the exact same locations each match; however, like Vending Machines, the areas they can spawn in are fixed. On top of that, they aren’t reusable like the Bat Signals; if another player defuses a Joker canister before you, that one will no longer be available. That said, there are a couple of places you could reliably expect the canisters to appear; we’ve personally had luck finding them in Lucky Landing, Salty Springs, and the new Gotham City Rift Zone.

These certainly aren’t the only canisters hidden around the island, but you only need to defuse three of them, so we’d recommend looking at the areas marked below. You can also see exactly where we’ve found the canisters in the video at the top of this guide.

How To Complete The Challenge

Once you’ve located a Joker canister, you’ll need to interact with it to defuse it. As the challenge states, you’ll need to defuse the canisters in three different named locations for your work to count, so you can’t simply deactivate three of them within the same area. Once you’ve defused all three, you’ll earn 10 Battle Stars for your troubles and be one step closer to unlocking the Catwing Glider.

Fortnite’s Batman challenges will be available until October 1, while the Batman skins and other cosmetics will remain in the in-game store until October 6–the same day Season 10 is set to end. If you need help completing any remaining challenges from this season, you can find maps and guides in our Fortnite Season 10 challenges hub.

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