Fortnite Secret Banner Location Guide For Week 8 (Season 8 Discovery Challenge)

Week 8 of Fortnite Season 8 has arrived, which means there’s a new set of challenges to complete in the hit battle royale game. Each task you clear will net you Battle Stars, which will help level your Battle Pass up and, in turn, unlock this season’s Battle Pass rewards. However, there’s an added bonus for completing all of the challenges from a given week: you’ll also clear a Discovery challenge and earn a special loading screen.

Not only do these loading screens feature cool artwork, each one also contains a subtle clue that points you in the direction of a free Battle Star or Banner–depending on how many Discovery challenges you’ve completed–hidden somewhere around the island. The Battle Star will level your Battle Pass up by one tier, while the Banner can be used as a profile icon.

If you’ve completed eight full weeks’ worth of challenges from Season 8, you’ll receive the loading screen below. This week’s screen depicts Ruin, the Legendary skin you’ll unlock after clearing 55 weekly challenges from this season. Look closely at the background, however, and you’ll be able to spot a set of coordinates hidden in the flames: B6, B7, C6, and C7. This is where you’ll need to go to find a free Banner.

The Banner is hidden right where the coordinates converge, on a snowy hill just northwest of Polar Peak. We’ve marked its location on the map below. Head to the area the next time you jump into a match and the Banner will appear when you approach. Collect it as you would any other pickup in the game, then finish the match and it’ll be yours to use as a profile icon. If you need more help locating the Banner, we walk you through where to find it in the video at the top of this guide.

Before heading off to find this Banner, keep in mind that it won’t appear in the game unless you’ve completed eight weeks’ worth of challenges and unlocked the above loading screen; you won’t be able to simply go to the right area and collect it unless you’ve finished all of the necessary steps first. If you still have any outstanding challenges you need to finish, you can find tips for the trickier ones in our complete Fortnite Season 8 challenges guide.

Prior to rolling out the Week 8 challenges, Epic released Fortnite’s 8.40 update, which marked the started of a new limited-time mode called Air Royale. This LTM revolves around dogfighting and comes with its own set of challenges, which will unlock special Wraps when completed. Epic also brought back the Food Fight LTM. This time around, however, it’s called Deep Fried, and it features elevated restaurant bases, forcing you and your teammates to build up to them in order to protect your mascot.

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