Here's How Pokemon Go's Mega Evolutions Are Changing

Pokemon Go’s newly added Mega Evolutions have been quite controversial among players, due largely to the steep cost to Mega Evolve a Pokemon and the fact the resource needed to trigger the transformation–Mega Energy–can typically only be earned by completing Mega Raids. Developer Niantic has promised to adjust Mega Evolutions to address these concerns, and the studio has now revealed some specific changes it’ll be implementing soon.

In a new blog post, Niantic revealed it will add a few more ways to obtain Mega Energy. In particular, players will be able to earn Mega Energy by walking with their Buddy Pokemon. The studio says it will also offer Mega Energy through additional Research tasks and “other gameplay,” and players will earn bonus Candy when they catch a monster that’s of the same type as their Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

In addition to the upcoming changes outlined above, Niantic has tweaked some other aspects of Mega Evolutions already. First, players will earn more Mega Energy than before for completing Mega Raids. The studio has also further reduced the amount of energy it takes to Mega Evolve a Pokemon after it has previously Mega Evolved.

Beyond that, the Mega September event is currently underway in Pokemon Go. The event encompasses three weeks of activities themed around Mega Evolutions, and if players can hit certain milestones before each week is up, Niantic will introduce additional Mega-Evolved Pokemon to the game. Each week also introduces a new Shiny Pokemon to catch.

There are a number of other September events lined up for the game this month, including September’s Community Day. That takes place on Sunday, September 20, and features the Virtual Pokemon Porygon. The Legendary Pokemon Heatran is also back in five-star Raids until September 10.

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