Leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 Trailer Shows New Map, Boats, And More

It’s been more than 24 hours since a black hole appeared in Fortnite and the game seemingly deleted itself as part of Season 10’s “The End” event, and players are not quite sure what’s going on. Those who try to log in are greeted by the black hole, with no way to jump into matches or view your skins and V-Bucks (although Sony and Nintendo assure those are safe). Rumors have been circulating that this series of events would lead to the game being rebranded as Fortnite: Chapter 2, and sure enough, a leaked trailer seems to confirm this, showing off a new map, vehicle, and more.

The trailer, which you can see for yourself below, shows an overview of the new content and mechanics apparently coming to Fortnite next season. Rather than picking up as Season 11, the new season is dubbed Chapter 2, Season 1, and it makes some significant changes.

First, it appears the game will be set on an entirely new map, as many have speculated, and there are a load of new skins to earn. The trailer also touts there are new ways to level up, showing one player upgrading different medals they’ve earned by completing in-game actions, such as opening chests, eliminating opponents, or harvesting materials.

On top of that, it appears a new vehicle is on the way. Toward the end of the trailer, we can see a group of players shooting it out on speed boats, and at one point a player can be seen diving into the river, suggesting you’ll now be able to swim. The video closes out with a clip of one player carrying another on their shoulders across a beach, which may mean you’ll have a new way of rescuing downed allies.

None of this has been confirmed as of yet by Epic. The developer has been conspicuously silent on the status of Fortnite following The End event. The game’s official Twitter account went dark, and the official Fortnite website currently displays a livestream of the mysterious black hole, so it’s unclear when the next season of the game will begin. Based on the trailer, however, it looks like there are a lot of big changes in store for the new season.

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