Pokemon Go Altered Forme Giratina: Best Counters, Weaknesses, And Battle Tips

Altered Forme Giratina is returning to Pokemon Go. To celebrate the launch of Remote Raid Passes, the Legendary Renegade Pokemon will once again appear as a five-star Raid boss from May 5-12, giving you another chance to add it to your collection. If you need some pointers, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you battle and catch Altered Forme Giratina below.

Giratina Raid Hours

Giratina will appear in five-star Raids until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on May 12. These Raids can occur any time, but you’ll receive an in-game notification when one is about to begin nearby, so you should be able to find the Legendary Pokemon without much trouble.

If you’re eager to catch Giratina, your best bet for finding a Raid will come on May 6, when Niantic brings back its Raid Hour event. On that day, Giratina Raids will happen much more frequently than usual from 6-7 PM local time, all but ensuring you find one.

Giratina Weaknesses And Counters

Giratina is unique among Legendary Pokemon because it’s a dual Ghost/Dragon type. Ironically, each of these types is weak against itself, making Giratina vulnerable to other Ghost and Dragon Pokemon like Golurk, Chandelure, Rayquaza, Salamence, and Dragonite.

Giratina’s typing gives it a few other weaknesses as well, namely to Dark, Ice, and Fairy Pokemon. Darkrai will be especially helpful, as it’s very powerful and resists Giratina’s Ghost-type moves, but other Pokemon like Weavile, Tyranitar, Mamoswine, Gardevoir, and Granbull will also come in handy when battling the Legendary.

Remote Raids

Thanks to the aforementioned Remote Raid Passes, you no longer need to physically travel to a Gym to join a Giratina Raid; you can now do so from home. If you have a Remote Raid Pass, you can use it to participate in any Giratina Raid that appears on your Nearby screen.

There are a few caveats, however; only a maximum of five remote players can join the same Raid, and Pokemon used by remote players have lower attack power than those used by players physically at the Gym. You can learn more about how to get and use Remote Raid Passes in our guide.

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