Pokemon Go Valentine's Event Now Live, Adds New Gen 5 Pokemon

Pokemon Go’s Sinnoh celebration has ended, but a new event is now underway. Developer Niantic has kicked off this year’s Valentine’s Day event, which runs through the weekend and brings a couple of new Pokemon to the game, along with some limited-time Field Research tasks and bonuses.

The Valentine’s Day event runs until 10 PM local time on February 17. Until then, pink-colored Pokemon such as Chansey and Luvdisc will appear in the wild more often than normal. You’ll also be more likely to hatch pink Pokemon from eggs and encounter them as Raid bosses. On top of that, you’ll have a chance to find a Shiny Chansey in the wild or hatch a Shiny Happiny from eggs.

Two more Gen 5 Pokemon will also make their debut in Pokemon Go during the Valentine’s Day event: Audino and Alomomola. However, Niantic notes both Pokemon are rare, so you’ll need some luck and persistence if you hope to catch them.

In addition to the increased Pokemon spawns, a couple of bonuses will be available throughout the Valentine’s event. First, all Lure Modules will remain active for six hours rather than the usual 30 minutes. You’ll also receive twice the usual amount of Candy for catching Pokemon during the event.

Finally, a special Raid Day will take place on Saturday, February 15. From 2-5 PM local time, you’ll be able to face Lickitung in four-star Raids. This one will know the move Body Slam, and you’ll have a chance of encountering a Shiny version. Additionally, you can receive up to five free Raid Passes when you spin the Photo Disc at Gyms during the Raid Day. You can read more about the Valentine’s Day event on the official Pokemon Go website.

We’re partway through February, but Niantic still has a few other events lined up for Pokemon Go this month. A special “friendship weekend event” will take place from February 21-24. During that time, your Friendship levels with other players will increase faster, and you’ll earn twice the usual amount of Candy for trading Pokemon. Trades will also cost half the normal amount of Stardust.

February’s Community Day will also take place on February 22. The featured Pokemon this month is Rhyhorn. If you’re able to evolve it into its final form, Rhyperior, up to two hours after the event ends, the Pokemon will automatically know the Charged Rock-type attack Rock Wrecker. Capping off the month will be the annual Pokemon Day event, which will bring back Armored Mewtwo and introduce Clone Pokemon to the game.

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