PUBG Added A New Circle In Circle Feature To Deter Camping

In an effort to combat campers, developer PUBG Corporation implemented an experimental solution over the weekend. The studio added a second circle to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to get campers to move a little.

According to a blog post, PUBG Corporation added a second Blue Zone to the battle royale game from December 5-8. This second circle, found in the experimental Bluehole Mode, had two functions: to inform you where the next safe zone is and to damage campers who “land, loot, and camp in the circle for the rest of the match.” Just as you would steadily take damage from outside the circle, those who crossed through and/or sat in the second circle would see their life deplete as well.

As aforementioned, though, it was only added for the weekend to PUBG Labs, the experimental test server where the studio tries out new features. It’s unclear if or when it will return as a permanent inclusion to the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds experience.

In other PUBG news, the developer launched its huge 5.1 update on PC. The patch introduced Season 5, a new batch of adjustments that tweaked the balance of Miramar, implemented a new Survivor Pass, added throwable mechanics, and more. There’s no word on when this update will hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Speaking of consoles, PUBG Corporation added cross-play support for PS4 and Xbox One in October. This new feature was part of the 4.3 update, which brought with it a few other additions and changes as well. These include a new pump-action shotgun, more season rewards, customization of player IDs, and more.

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