10 Best Classes In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

It can sometimes feel like there are too many classes to choose between in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. When you need to use your Training Points strategically and use your Class Seals wisely, picking which class to master for your units is a tough dilemma.

While all the A and S-tier classes are worth trying out, there are some that stand out a little higher than the rest. Plus, some that are just extremely fun to play in this Warriors spin-off. Here are some of the best classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

10 Mortal Savant

All the sword-wielding classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes are particularly satisfying to play, but Mortal Savant is one of the best. This class can use magic in tandem with swords and has a Class Action ability that a strong forward charge that not only closes big distances quickly but does massive damage.

You will want at least one Mortal Savant amongst your units to deal with strong axe-wielding enemies, but overall, this class is a powerhouse you can use in any situation.

9 Gremory

Of all the magic-using classes, Gremory is by far the strongest. Though use caution after equipping it because it is, in essence, a glass cannon build. As a Gremory, your unit's defense is lowered against physical attacks, but in return, you have a much higher resistance to magic attacks.

This magic class has a strong mastery of elemental magic, particularly strong against bow-wielding enemies.

8 Falcon Knight

Flying classes can be tricky to play, especially since they are so vulnerable to bows. Falcon Knight is by far one of the best flying classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, in particular for its High Altitude ability.

As a Falcon Knight, certain attacks can trigger High Altitude, and while your unit is in that state, you can execute new and even better combos against enemies.

7 Holy Knight

You cannot quite beat the combination of lances and magic. The Holy Knight class combines the elemental magic prowess of the Gremory with the mounted lancers' proficiency. The trade-off is that this class is especially weak to enemies with the "Effective vs Cavalry" ability.

Pitted against the right enemy units, however, the Holy Knight class is speedy and powerful on the battlefield, making it an essential class to acquire for your roster.

6 Trickster

You might think that the Trickster class is a little redundant when compared to the Mortal Savant, which also wields swords and magic in tandem. What elevates the Trickster is its Class Action, a truly anime-like ability that allows you to charge into a line of enemies so fast that you appear to be leaving copies of yourself in your trail.

Not only this but the Class Action ability for Tricksters can be chained and immediately followed up with a regular attack. Get ready to feel overpowered.

5 Dancer

If you have never heard of the Dancer class yet, this is because Dancers are actually a secret class that can be unlocked in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. The best way to acquire the Dancer class during your playthrough is to ensure you search all the areas around each battle. The location might be slightly different in each route, but searching certain areas will unlock this class.

Once obtained, you will find the class branching off from the same tree as Mortal Savant and Asura. Dancers have all the brute strength of the other sword classes, with some extra agility and flair.

4 Barbarossa

The only unit that can unlock the special Barbarossa class is Claude himself. It is similar in many ways to other wyvern-mounted classes, but Barbarossa has three Class Abilities, including Canto, Charm, and Bowfaire.

Seeing as this class is unique to Claude, you should always take the opportunity to unlock this class with a Master Seal on your Golden Deer playthrough.

3 Emperor

To truly help Edelgard meet her full potential, you can unlock her Emperor class. Making her proficient in Axes, Heavy Armor, and the Authority stat, as the Emperor Edelgard is not a force to be trifled with.

While the Emperor class is weak to armored units, her Class Action is a massive shockwave attack that can be chained multiple times to wreak absolute destruction.

2 Great Lord

It only makes sense that the Great Lord class is truly one of the strongest in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes when you consider how long the Great Lord class has been around in other Fire Emblem games. In the past, it has been exclusive to Fire Emblem favorites such as Chrom or Roy.

Mastering the Great Lord class expands Dimitri's abilities from lances to include swords, but his sweeping lance attacks are the strongest of all the lance classes.

1 Asura

Exclusive to Shez, the Asura class combines some of the best features of the Trickster and Mortal Savant classes. Equipping this class unlocks a new Class Action that launches Shez towards their enemies in a number of sweeping sword attacks with the potential to do chain damage.

When used in tandem with Shez's Awakening ability, arguably stronger than most other units in the first place, playing Shez as an Asura feels incredibly gratifying.

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