10 Games That Are Most Enjoyable On Easy Mode

Truly hardened, tough gamers might say that every game is best played on its highest difficulty. While several titles are most enjoyable on their hardest modes, quite a few are the exact opposite. Two main factors come into play here. Games can have such good stories that a large portion of the player base just wants to experience that instead of a challenging experience.

Another factor is the lack of a substantial difference between the difficulty modes. A good hard mode should feel almost like a completely different game, but several titles just change the various stats in the game's favor.

10 Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect trilogy is one of those games in that the story and characters are so good you'll likely play just for that. That is the main draw for a significant portion of the player base. That's only one reason why Mass Effect is most enjoyable on easy, though.

The other is that on the hardest mode, the game can feel like an old-school Call of Duty on Veteran, particularly Mass Effect 2 and 3. ME3 is brutal on its hardest mode, and like World at War on Veteran, it's just not that enjoyable. If you play on easy mode, you'll have an absolute blast and fall in love with the series.

9 The Witcher 3

Like Mass Effect, The Witcher 3 has an amazing story with incredibly written dialogue. The characters are great and the side quests are also a notable highlight. What makes Witcher 3 stand apart from Mass Effect is that the game still has plenty of challenging sections on easy. Werewolves are still tough to kill, and the harder gwent opponents aren't a cakewalk either.

It's a great easy mode in that you still need to try, and it isn't a passive experience. While Witcher 3's harder modes do have some mechanical differences, like meditation no longer healing you, it isn't a massive overhaul like Fallout New Vegas's Hardcore mode. The game will be a better experience on easy mode for a decent chunk of you.

8 Skyrim

The fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim is one of the best open-world RPGs to date. Like many other games in the genre, the difficulty differences are small. In Skyrim, the only difference between modes is the damage statistics. Since the change is so small, why wouldn't you just play on easy mode?

Playing on easy is still a great way to experience Skyrim. The harder modes won't make the game any more enjoyable since the difference is so insignificant. Plus, Skyrim's easy mode still has challenging parts. In particular, some of the tough bosses in the side quests with seriously painful abilities.

7 Uncharted

Sony's Uncharted franchise is one of the more famous PlayStation titles. With good third-person shooting, likable characters, and epic moments the games are a total thrill ride. While its hardest modes are a decent challenge, these third-person shooters are actually most fun on easy mode.

Particularly, Uncharted 4 with its new movement options like the grappling hook. You can go swing around blasting fools, and it's a great time. If you try to do this on Crushing, though, it'll likely end in your death. In that mode, you'll be more stuck to cover since you die so fast. However, on easy, you can just leave the trenches and blast away. It's just more fun.

6 Splatterhouse

One of the most underrated games in recent times has to be the 2010 reboot of Splatterhouse. There are several reasons why easy mode is the most enjoyable in this game. First is the loading times. Even when installed on the Xbox 360, it takes a while, and the final levels have a large difficulty spike. Easy mode will lessen that issue due to not dying as often.

Second, the easy mode will help in the opening levels, where it's hard to learn the basic mechanics. The opening moments are a bit of a struggle, and easy mode will, again, lessen that. Due to these factors, easy is the best way to experience Splatterhouse, especially if you're new.

5 Mortal Kombat 9 Story Mode

Mortal Kombat 9 was a big break for the long-running fighting game series. It was a great revival and offered the best story mode in a fighter up till that point. While playing, you might not have realized that you can actually pick a difficulty for that mode. It's included in the options menu.

Having the difficulty set to easy will lead to a far more enjoyable experience. The bosses are notoriously cheap and unfair, but they're much more balanced on easy mode. It's still challenging but won't make you angry like the other difficulties. The change in bosses alone makes easy much more fun to play.

4 Silent Hill 1

The first Silent Hill is most enjoyable on easy for a unique reason. Everyone needs to play this game first on easy: the reason why is because of how New Game Plus works. On further playthroughs with your continued save file, the game will always bump up the difficulty by one. If you beat the game on normal first and are excited to play it again with the unlocked bonus items, you're going to be in a world of hurt.

You'll be playing hard mode, which makes it difficult to even finish the school section. However, if you beat the game on easy first, your second run will be on normal, which is much more manageable. Plus, the easy mode still makes the title a great horror game, and you can get sucked into the story.

3 God Hand

When first jumping into God Hand, you should start with easy mode for a variety of reasons. One of them is that at a beginner level, easy and normal aren't much different. Easy mode in God Hand is still a hard game, and you'll die aplenty regardless.

In easy mode, you can't get to difficulty levels three and four in combat. However, most beginners will use an ability to lower their difficulty level in normal mode anyway. If you are brand new to God Hand, you'll have the most enjoyable time on easy mode, as it's the most accessible while still being tough.

2 Blade Runner

The incredible Blade Runner adventure game from 1997 is also best played on easy for a unique reason. The reason why is that virtually all three difficulty modes are exactly the same. Throughout the modes, the only difference is the combat sections, which for the most part, can be avoided entirely.

You can play all three modes and just be puzzled at what the differences even are since you've noticed none. Since easy mode is essentially interchangeable with the other difficulties, it's the best way to play, as it's no different.

1 Perfect Dark

Like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark is also far more enjoyable and accessible on the easiest difficulty. Harder modes are just too much. Not only do enemies hit harder, but the levels are longer since you have more objectives. That's a one-two punch right there.

You'll likely give up on the harder modes because they're that much of a leap in terms of difficulty. However, easy mode is still challenging at times while being the most manageable. You'll have the most fun on Agent difficulty, and it's the best way to play this N64 classic.

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