10 Hidden Areas and Items In Ghostwire: Tokyo Everyone Missed

Tango Gameworks' newest title, Ghostwire: Tokyo, is an open-world, first-person adventure horror game with a story focusing on family, goodbyes, and forgiveness. The world is devoid of people and replaced with Visitors, and it is a jaw-droppingly beautiful love letter to Tokyo, packed to the brim with cultural references in every corner.

So packed, you might miss some items or even a secret place with some good loot here and there. The virtual recreation is too big that it will take you a while to check everything it has to offer. Here's a list of some places or things you might have missed.

There are minor spoilers below, so proceed at your own risk.

10 Shibuya Kagerie Observation Deck

A landmark in Shibuya, it can be somewhat easily missed if you don't know how to get close enough to unlock it. This is a high-rise building near the center of the map. The landmark itself isn't that hard to find, rather, it's the 24th floor of that building that you'll be wanting to get into if you want the spirits trapped inside.

To get to the 24th floor, you'll have to find another elevator on the fourth floor to then take you to the floor you want to go. However, be prepared for an intense encounter with the visitors waiting to attack.

9 The Underground Souls Of Shibuya

Under Shibuya is a labyrinth of winding hallways and sewers hiding various secrets and visitors. If you are on the quest to collect all the wayward souls in the Ghostwire: Tokyo, then you'll need to backtrack quite a bit throughout the game. The underground area starts with the shopping center, then opens to a darker area that leads into the underground sewer.

There's a total of 3,700 souls hiding underground, so if the completionist in you wants to find them, the area begins to open in Chapter 2. It's easy to rush through and miss things down here, but a little due diligence and a keen eye (or Spectral Vision) will go a long way.

8 After The End

After the End is the only quest that will be unavailable once you get on the motorcycle and ride to the endgame, so be sure to find and complete it beforehand if you are looking to get the100 percent of the game or flesh out the characters more.

What makes this questline tricky is the uncertainty surrounding how to activate the third quest because while the first two parts activate automatically, the third part doesn't and will only activate if you are in the proximity of the correct phone. Heading toward the proximity of the Tayoi shrine is your best bet to activate it, but the quest is known for not triggering at times.

7 The Ghostly Parades In Shibuya Aren't Just For Show

The Hyakki Yako, more commonly referred to as the Demon Parade, is a large gathering of Visitors who shamble their way through the streets of Shibuya, seemingly without a true destination. When you first get a look at the Hyakki Yako, you might think that it's just background animations that can't be interacted with. You'd be dead wrong. Literally.

Walk toward the crowd of Visitors, and you'll find yourself transported to a realm in which you must fight through hordes of them to return to your realm with the stolen souls the Hyakki Yako managed to collect.

6 Shinji Mikami Is Hiding Inside The Game

Beloved Creator of popular series Resident Evil and The Evil Within, Shinji Mikami likes to hide messages to the player inside his games, and Ghostwire is no different — even though Kenji Kimura is the director of this one. If you make your way just south of the Yashin Shrine, you'll find a construction site with some scaffolding you can shimmy along. Just be mindful of the Visitors hanging out below.

The game makes you think that there are more of these to collect, but nope, it's just the one. This is kind of a bummer because having multiple chibi Shinji Mikami cards to collect would have been a cute addition. Maybe in the next game.

5 Horror References In The Game

Without a doubt, the team behind this title are fans of all things horror. You can realize this not only because of the scary design of the enemies but also the references inside the game.

The Occult Nekomata Collector, near the Onten Shrine on the east side of the map, will send you on a quest to find two specific tapes in two separate alleyways. Once you return with the tapes, the TV off to the side of our lovable Neko begins to play a familiar scene of a well and a girl with long dark hair creeps onto the screen. It's the iconic Sadako Yamamura from Ringu fame.

4 You Can Do More Than Just Pet The Dogs

Due to The Vanishing, Tokyo's pet population is sadly left to fend for themselves. Lucky for them, Akito can buy dog food to feed the dogs in the area — not so lucky are the cats since you can't feed them.

Once you do buy and feed them dog food, they may end up digging something up for you in return. Not that one needs a reason to feed and pet all the dogs in the game, but it's an adorable and helpful way to find tanuki in the area, as well as some other goodies they have buried in the dirt. They are good boys, indeed.

3 Sightseeing Is A Major (Optional) Part Of The Game

The story of Ghostwire: Tokyo is straightforward, as are most of the landmarks you might find along the way. However, there is one that might be a little tricky to find. The Ginpei Restricted Zone, located in the southeast corner of the map, is 'technically' outside the playable area. However, if you have your glide level maxed out, then you should be able to reach it with little worry.

Do approach the area with caution, however, as the restricted area is home to a cursed tree that will damage you along with some strong Visitors.

2 The Tanuki Are Masters Of Stealth

The tanuki are just one of several yokai who you interact with throughout your journey. Since the Visitors have invaded the city, they've hidden in plain sight as objects scattered around the city. While you do have the advantage of spectral sight, there is one that's more elusive than the others, especially if you tend to stick to the ground more than traverse the rooftops.

There is a tall building between the Kamio and Kuo shrines on the southeast part of the map. Once you glide from a taller building and fend off a few Visitors barring your way, the tanuki in question will be disguised as a sign.

1 Hardest Beads In The Game To Get

As you get further in Ghostwire's story, you will come across prayer beads, the power-enhancing bracelets that boost your elemental strength for your three base attacks. As you get further along in your journey, you have an opportunity to gain more powerful versions.

For instance, the Sleuth beads grant you the passive ability to seek out your partner KK's case files scattered all over the city for some reason. Each bracelet increases your search radius by 100 meters, with the third and most powerful one clocking in at a 300-meter radius. This iteration of the bracelet can be difficult to get, as you must clear three shrines with droves of visitors waiting for you at each. It's a challenge, but a worthy one if you're a lore hunter.

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