10 Legendary Pokemon With The Highest Physical Attack Stat, Ranked

The Attack stat has always been the most traditional definition of how powerful a Pokemon can be in battle. This stat generally represents the strength of a Pokemon’s physical and melee strikes, and has been the signifier of the most overpowered and dominant species in the entire Pokemon series.

Many of the Pokemon with the highest stats in this regard are legendaries, most of which exceed nearly every other Pokemon in history. New legendaries and special forms of classic Pokemon appear with every generation, and their Attack stats still remain higher than nearly any standard Pokemon in the entire series.

10 Regigigas (160)

For most players, the high Attack stat of 160 on Sinnoh’s Regigigas will never appear. This is because of its infamous Slow Start ability, which decreases its speed and offense by fifty percent for the first five turns of battle. Afterward, it becomes one of the most menacing Normal-type attackers in the entire series.

There are ways around this, though, such as using it in double battles with an ally using the Neutralizing Gas ability to let Regigigas ignore its ability. This parent of the Regi family is certainly as strong as it looks, but it takes some effort to reach this amazing height.

9 Unbound Hoopa (160)

While equally powerful as Regigigas, the Unbound form of Hoopa deserves notoriety for being much more consistent with its strength. While the original Hoopa is a small special attacker, Unbound Hoopa is a fast multi-armed demon with a new physical Dark-type attack to utilize it.

This can be slightly disappointing for fans of the more adorable original Hoopa, but this legend is undoubtedly powerful in its own right. Like most of the strongest Pokemon, though, it’s always been thankfully banned from online battles due to its overpowered stat total.

8 Ice Rider Calyrex (165)

A much newer Pokemon with obscene stats is the Crown Tundra’s Calyrex, but only under certain conditions. While riding Spectrier with the Reins of Unity makes it a remarkably fast Ghost-type legend, riding Glastrier will make for a wonderfully bulky knight with a base attack of 165 points.

Glastrier on its own is quite impressive with a strong 145 points in the same stat, but suffers from a short list of different moves and poor speed. With Calyrex using its strength, the pair becomes even more defensive while gaining enough speed to compete with far more opponents.

7 Ultra Necrozma (167)

Necrozma is one of very few legendaries in the games with a form that can’t be captured, this being an empowered version that appears as a boss near the end of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Alongside being stronger than natural Necrozma, this form is also more powerful than its fusion with Solgaleo by ten points, for a total of 167 base attack.

Oddly enough, this Special Attack stat is identical to its physical Attack, meaning all of Ultra Necrozma’s attacks will hit you with the same ferocity. For this reason, it’s worth being thankful that this is simply a boss battle, and not helmed by a smarter human opponent.

6 Black Kyurem (170)

While Kyurem’s fusion with Reshiram can create the fire-breathing beast White Kyurem, fusing with Zekrom creates a much greater physical fighter. Its large human-like arms are hardly just for show, as this monstrosity boasts an impressive 170 base attack stat with the unusual Dragon and Electric-type combination.

There are other legends much faster, but this fusion is one of the only ones available to be caught or transferred in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This makes Black Kyurem the second-fastest Pokemon in the game, and the fastest Pokemon among those restricted from online play.

5 Crowned Sword Zacian (170)

Zacian’s Crowned Sword form is technically identical to Kyurem, wielding a powerful 170 points. That said, Zacian deserves its own mention because, thanks to its powerful Intrepid Sword ability, it’s functionally the strongest Pokemon in the game once it enters battle.

This signature ability raises Zacian’s Attack stat by fifty percent, meaning its first entry into battle will essentially have a base attack of 255. This boost can be removed easily through moves like Haze and abilities like Intimidate, but it’s worth mentioning that Zacian can still technically hit harder on its first turn than any other Pokemon.

4 Deoxys & Mega Rayquaza (180)

Mega Rayquaza and Deoxys are vastly different Pokemon, with the former being a new form to an old classic while the latter has almost always been exclusive to limited events. This changed with Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, where these two clash in space as part of the post-game story.

Deoxys has always been historically stronger than most other legendaries, but Rayquaza finally got to match it with its Mega Evolution in the same game. Unfortunately, this was quite short-lived as Mega Evolutions and Deoxys failed to return in Galar, meaning both of these stats are inscribed in the past.

3 Primal Groudon (180)

While Primal Groundon still has an identical Attack stat to its Hoenn siblings Deoxys and Mega Rayquaza, this Mega Evolution variant is worth mentioning for its ability, which adds to its strength in a way that numbers can’t. That passive effect, Desolate Sun, creates harsh sunlight that nullifies Water-type moves while boosting Fire-type attacks by fifty percent.

Unlike Primal Kyogre, this eliminates Groudon’s weakness, while boosting Fire-type moves to the level that only its natural Ground-type moves usually have. It’s a massive boost for the original Groudon, and its damage and minimal vulnerabilities make it uniquely powerful compared to other legendaries.

2 Kartana (181)

There are many Ultra Beasts with remarkable Attack stats, with Pheromosa being an especially fast fighter and Stakataka carrying great defensive stats alongside some heavy strikes. However, both of these pale in comparison to other legendaries, as well as the menacingly powerful Kartana’s 181 points of base attack.

This has made Kartana a dominant force in Pokemon Sword & Shield’s online ranked battles, being one of the most efficient attackers that can defeat nearly any opponent that isn’t resistant to its moves. Since these include Grass, Steel, and Fighting-type attacks, it’s unlikely that victims won’t feel the amazing power that Kartana has.

1 Mega Mewtwo X (190)

When classic Pokemon fans think of Mewtwo, they don’t usually think of a physical attacker. Its Psychic attacks and telepathy are his most famous powers by far, but its version exclusive Mega Evolution changed this in Pokemon X by giving it an additional Fighting-type trait and an unstoppable 190 base attack.

This temporarily evolved legendary has several remarkable stats attached to it, but none as notable as having the highest Attack stat in the entire series. Kartana and Mega Heracross are the only two Pokemon that come close, and beating out those two is even more impressive given Mewtwo’s reputation and history as a mystical Psychic force.

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