14 Year-Old And His Dad Break Call Of Duty: Warzone Kill Record

A long-standing Call of Duty: Warzone record has been broken, with the record for kills in Duos now standing at 79. Bruno “Nistaf” Silva and his father broke the record, with young Bruno amassing an impressive 61 kills to his father’s 18.

Duos has long been a community favorite playlist in Call of Duty: Warzone since it was added last year. Players and their partners were more than eager to jump online and prove that they were the best team out there. In July of 2020, the record for kills in Duos Warzone was set at 76, where it would stand until Silva and his father descended upon one game like a force of nature.

The father-son team recorded and shared their match on YouTube, where Silva’s eerily calm and cool demeanor can be seen carrying him to 61 kills while barely uttering a word. There was no mercy in Verdansk yesterday, with Silva finding opponents wherever they may have been hiding. He used every tool at his disposal to achieve this incredible feat.

From running down opponents with an SUV to knife kills to akimbo pistols, Silva was always there; always ready for the next unwitting victim. Of course, much of his enormous body count came thanks to the DMR-14 that is set to (finally) be nerfed. However, the skill that it took to reach 61 kills can’t be discounted as merely the result of an OP marksmen’s rifle.

Silva managed to rack up 17,000 points of damage during the course of the match and showed incredible skill in sniping opponents downrange. His father claims that Silva learned much of his tricks by playing other battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Prior to this match, the younger Silva had reached a personal best kill streak of “just” 48.

Luckily for us, we got to see the entire match thanks to the rules of submitting world-record matches. Each submission needs to be in video format, with still images being disallowed as proof of the achievement. Some veteran Warzone players are unhappy with the integration of Black Ops: Cold War, specifically with the weapons that have been added. However, it appears as though the record will stand – perhaps for a very long time.

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