343 Industries Says Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Items Mistakenly Put On The Store "Will Only Be Earnable In The Event Itself"

Halo Infinite is already a deeply beloved game, but there are still issues that 343 needs to work on. One being the recent Fracture: Tenrai event that fans felt was just not up to Halo standards. Thankfully, 343 Industries is excellent in responding and acting upon community feedback and has confirmed that changes are being made to it in the latest community stream.

Fracture: Tenrai was Halo Infinite’s first event which gave the players a chance to get the Yoroi armor. However, players were left disappointed with the event cosmetics and the fact that the free items were also available for purchase in the store. Additionally, fans also complained about how all 30 tiers of the event cannot be completed during the event and everyone will have to wait for it to return.

In the community stream, Head of Design Jerry Hook apologized for the mistakes they made with the event and promised that changes are coming. “We want the event to be a place where you can earn new content and not care about whether you’re going to pay or not. And we want that content to be high quality.”

He mentioned how there will also be significant changes made to the event structure where fewer Challenge Swaps and XP boosts will be available. Instead, these will be replaced by ‘actual content’ in the form of new items for the Spartan outfit like shoulder pads, coatings, and more. Hook also explained how the Tenrai event armor pieces will now be earned only via the event and not the store.

However, the cosmetics system overall still remains one of the most confusing aspects of the game. Then there is also the growing problem of hackers in the game. There is a lot of work to be done, but these changes are proof that 343 is listening to fan feedback during the multiplayer beta and working on improvements.

The revamped Fracture: Tenrai event will return in January 2022.

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