7 Changes To Make Disney Dreamlight Valley Go From Good To Great

Disney Dreamlight Valley is Disney’s answer to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, a relaxing simulation game featuring all the lovable characters of the Disney universe. However, even though you can cook five-star meals with Remy or go fishing with Moana, the game does have a few lackluster elements.

Spending a couple of hours in Dreamlight Valley is entertaining, but some features could stand to be implemented. We hope this dream will come true when the game comes out of early access and releases new content.

7 A More Intuitive Editing System

Placing furniture is, at best clunky, at worst unresponsive. Moving items feels incredibly restrictive and automatically snaps to parts of the map. Others are solely for aesthetic purposes when you assume they have extra functionality.

Overall, there’s not much else you can do with altering the valley. You can build houses for characters, decorate your home, and make the valley flourish with greenery you can place at any time. The furniture looks great and is fun to place where you please. The only downside is how unintuitive this editing screen can be when you’re trying to redesign your valley.

6 Fully Voice Acted Characters

Dreamlight’s characters have a lot to say, so it’s somewhat understandable why Disney opted to stick with mainly text-based dialogue rather than fully voiced characters. But, this is a game you must pay for, and conversations with these characters are an essential part of the story.

Dreamlight would highly benefit from having at least its main story missions feature voice-acted characters as opposed to the sound bites they instead play. Voice acting is a fantastic way to connect further with the player, especially when the protagonist is silent. Fans know the characters for not just their designs but also their recognizable voices.

5 Larger Disney Worlds

Another Disney property, Kingdom Hearts, is much like Dreamlight Valley in myriad ways. You have the joy-loving protagonist, unlikely friendships, cameos by Disney characters, and a bunch of Disney worlds you can visit. Now, Kingdom Hearts has a much greater player base, a vast history within the gaming sphere, and much more detailed Disney worlds.

When it comes to Dreamlight’s worlds, they’re lacking. Each world (aside from the hub) is resigned to one area, and to recruit each character, you’ll need to complete a task from them. We’re not expecting worlds as large as those in Kingdom Hearts, just ones with a bit more to do in them.

4 Less Fetch Quests

Thankfully, fetch quests are always more enjoyable in simulation games than they are in other genres. However, this doesn’t make the thought of having to play through six continuous fetch quests any more appealing. They can be entertaining to play, especially if they’re short, and you’re gifted exciting rewards at the end, but they’ll often become stale if they take up so much time.

What partly lets Dreamlight down in this regard is its tendency to make friend missions all about bringing them some flowers, fruit, or materials to aid them. Making these tasks quicker to complete or receiving help from the friend requesting these items would improve the circumstances.

3 An Improved Inventory System

The inventory system takes pointers from Stardew Valley, in that you have to pay in-game currency to expand it. You also have a chest in your house where you can place items you wish to keep but have no room to hold, giving you more inventory space. But you’ll learn that missions begin to stack up fast, and you must wait for items to respawn to collect all you need to complete them.

You’ll need a lot of spare room to keep these important items on your person, so much so that eventually, you’ll run out of space. Giving players a more extensive inventory from the offset would help keep up the game’s momentum.

2 The Ability To Change Your Friends Roles

Once increasing a friendship level, you can choose a hangout bonus for the friend, which will provide you with a premium for a specific activity whenever you hang out with them. Activities include mining, foraging, fishing, digging, and farming. Each character can only have one hangout bonus which you can’t change at a later time.

When you first see the prompt to choose a bonus, it’s confusing with regard to what it does or how it benefits your play style. Putting measures in place where you can switch a bonus to something else would work, even if you had to pay a set amount of in-game currency.

1 Less Grinding, More Entertainment

It’s unfortunate how much of a hold the grinding aspect has on Disney Dreamlight, especially with how colorful and amusing the world looks and feels. You can befriend Ursula after freeing her from entrapment, have a picnic with Mickey Mouse, and venture out on wizarding trips with Merlin.

The concept is a recipe for an all-around fantastic time, but the biggest issue is how time-consuming the grind can become. You can speed through four quests in 30 minutes and then be stuck on one for over an hour, all because you need to wait for an item to respawn. This, unfortunately, holds back the player in many ways, so here’s hoping future character implementation doesn’t make the same mistake.

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