7 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Twelve Minutes

Following the traditional format of point-and-click games, Twelve Minutes is a top-down-style game taking place primarily in one apartment that is free to be explored. As the story unravels itself, it can be easy to get caught up in the momentum and miss out on some key details.

Twelve Minutes is a mind-bending game that encourages players to retry the same scenario, allowing them to remain one step ahead after each restart until they can finally solve the mystery. Warning: This article will contain story spoilers for Twelve Minutes

7 The Story Is Staring You In The Face

Although Twelve Minutes is littered with some fantastic easter eggs, the first area is actually home to one of the best details in the entire game. Within the first 5 seconds, you'll have everything you need to know about the game and have two major twists staring you straight in the face.

The two paintings that are hung outside the lobby resemble two major plot points that are revealed later. The painting on the left is of a bookshelf with one book painted red, a clear reference to the red book you'll encounter later, and on the right is a picture of a Dahlia, an important name for those who have completed Twelve Minutes already. It's a detail that's only really noticeable on your second playthrough.

6 The Flower Is Immune To The Loop

Only after your first playthrough will the importance of flowers become clear, as seen with the namesake of Dahlia. Interestingly, the only object that seems to be immune to the time-loop is the flower in the main bedroom that, if you water regularly with each restart, will actually grow.

You'll then have a chance to watch the flower produce up to three blooms, depending on how many endings you have unlocked. Additionally, if that wasn't enough, if you do not regularly water the flower, it will actually begin to wilt and eventually die, perhaps indicative of events to come.

5 The Only Way To Win Is By Not Playing

It won't come as a shock that Twelve Minutes has multiple endings, but these endings usually require a set of choices or inputs in order to achieve them. However, there is an even more secretive ending that is only possible on your first ever playthrough.

Similar to the secret endings that can be found in the Far Cry series, when you first enter your apartment if you stand completely still and don't do anything you'll be greeted with one of the rarest ends. Your wife will set you down and explain everything to you, but this can only happen after deleting your save or on your first run.

4 Pay Attention To The Surroundings

With many things happening all at once, Twelve Minutes can often seem overwhelming – this is intentional as it is supposed to reflect the same emotions the main protagonist feels. However, as a result, it can be easy to forget to stop and look around the apartment every once in a while.

Players will notice that things will begin to change, which most clearly to be seen are the paintings. With many paintings changing slightly (maybe indicating the main character's mental state) until the painting is completely unrecognizable, the environmental storytelling in Twelve Minutes shouldn't be ignored.

3 Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques…

When entering the apartment, a keen ear will recognize the tune that your wife is humming. It is the french nursery rhyme, 'Frère Jacques', which is a fantastic detail that hints at the twists of Twelve Minutes' story.

The fact that your wife is humming nursery rhymes can be seen to reflect the pregnancy that she is waiting to tell you about, while the anglicization of Frère Jacques is 'Brother John', blatantly referencing the twist at the later part of Twelve Minutes. A fantastically minute detail, the humming from your wife can reflect both characters' deepest secrets, only noticeable on your third or so run.

2 There Are Several Secret Endings

Players will be eager to immediately hop back into Twelve Minutes after figuring out the twists and vital information, but Twelve Minutes is littered with several other secret endings. With many secret endings hidden behind achievements, players should take the time out and explore all the various options open to them.

Whether it be calling Bumblebee before the Cop even arrives, taking the coward's way out and listening to the cop to betray your wife, or even killing your wife for no reason, Twelve Minutes has thought of every possible solution. Exploring all of these options is an incredibly fun aspect of Twelve Minutes, as you can test how far the game lets players make their own choices.

1 You Can't Cheat The System

After your first completion of Twelve Minutes, it is vital to go back and start a new playthrough. Players can get new endings, new dialogue options and can also explore the apartment in ways they haven't before. But if you remember where the pocket watch is, rushing for it on a new playthrough and immediately confronting your wife about it isn't the smartest option.

Hilariously, the game expects this from its players, as if you confront your wife with the pocket watch on your new playthrough, your wife will feign ignorance and pretend to have no idea what it is. This sets players back to step one, in a tongue-in-cheek way to remind you that the developers have thought of (nearly) everything.

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