7 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Ghosts are everywhere, and you can only call one number for a group of people to exterminate the building. Whether you are a Ghost or a Buster, you need to know a thing or two before booting up Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, a 4v1 asymmetrical online game set in the iconic movie franchise.

For a game focused on its online modes, there are competitive things you should know before starting to be prepared. On the other end, you have a single-player option, and the story is told for enthusiastic fans joining some OG Busters from the films. Either way, there is plenty of ground to cover for Ghosts and Busters.

7/7 A Story Woven Between Matches

No matter the mode you play, a story is being told of the latest haunting that requires the Ghostbusters to gear up and box up some spirits in their trap. It is not a typical campaign, but cutscenes are woven together between matches.

Elise and James Willems from Rooster Teeth's Funhaus penned the story. For the stars, you will have Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd reprise their respective roles from the film. The Hollywood actors star alongside Rahul Kohli from Midnight Mass and Kinda Funny's Greg Miller. You will get an authentic Ghostbusters narrative with this voice talent and writers team.

6/7 Balance Of Authenticity

When you see a licensed game, you might wonder how authentic it will be to the source material. The movie has iconic characters, gadgets, aesthetics, and moments. You receive the suits, the firehouse, Ghosts like the Slimer, and more. Still, you see some differences.

One of the most significant differences is that crossing the streams does nothing. In the films, it could lead to a powerful attack toward mighty spirits, but it can be deadly toward the Busters. In a livestream with Kinda Funny, with IllFonic's Chuck Brungardt and Jared Gerritzen playing with the podcasters, they revealed that they tried but ultimately would not work out in-game.

5/7 You Can Play Alone

Online games can be restrictive if you don't have friends to play with or you have another reason to struggle to get into the spooky world crafted by IllFonic. For a 4v1, you would think you need to hope there are enough players choosing the Busters and that single person as a Ghost.

In Spirits Unleashed, you can go alone. When going solo, you have AI to fill up the empty gaps. With this decision, you have combinations of how it will turn out depending on if you choose a Buster with an AI team and Ghost, or you can do the haunting yourself.

4/7 Make Your Own Ghostbuster

Spirits Unleashed has an extensive character creator to let you make yourself, someone you know, or a new person entirely from your imagination. With enough options, you can personalize your Ghostbuster to your liking. It is more open than the presets and cosmetics found in other IllFonic games like Friday the 13th.

You have physical options for physique, face, and hairstyles. There are some presets for voices and other options, but others, like your body type, can be adjusted further. In the next tab, you have outfits to go beyond the typical suit seen in the movies with various colors and clothing types. Finally, accessories include glasses, gloves, and more.

3/7 Side Objectives Level You Up Faster

Side Hustles may have a different name than what most games use, but they are challenges to earn you experience. Before matches, you will see a list of these contracts to select and complete when you get into matches for a boost in leveling up.

Leveling up has plenty of perks that you will want to obtain. For one, you gain new cosmetics to look fashionable when hunting. For more substantial awards, you get more Ghost variants and items to be a more efficient Buster. So, before playing, always look for what Side Hustles are available.

2/7 Read The Training Manual

Spirits Unleashed teaches you how to play by easing you into it. Once you are done, you are prepared to get into matches with real players to start hunting or haunting.

The firehouse is the hub world where you can get those optional objectives and customize your Buster. On the top floor, there is a training manual to give you a deeper look at the game's mechanics. Rather than pausing to go into a menu, Spirits Unleashed keeps it in-world to teach you how to improve your skills.

1/7 Grab Collectibles

Regardless of the genre, a favorite pastime for many is to grab collectibles. If you are in that demographic, then time to hunt for Ghosts and fun items spread through the world for someone to find. It includes mold, fungus, spores, and newspaper clippings.

Some of the collectibles give you a small amount of experience to help level you up. If you want substance, find the mold, fungus, and spores to boost yourself. The newspaper clippings give you a wider look into the world with lore and history. When you hang out at the firehouse, you can find the clippings posted on a board to the right of the Rays Bookstore.

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