8 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an easy game to get to grips with. It eschews much of the exploration that is so integral to most Metroidvania games and is closer in many ways to the 16-bit platformers of yesteryear. Still, there are plenty of unlockables and upgrades at your disposal, and combat becomes increasingly more complex as the game progresses.

Get rich quick, complete your stamp card, and slice and dice enemies with ruthless precision. These tips will help you breeze through this already rather short game with absolute ease, ensuring that you are totally prepared for the sequel, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

8 Juggle Enemies For More XP

Once you've whittled down the entirety of a monster's health bar, you'll notice them flash red and fall up and backward. If you're already linking together a combo you can go full Tekken and continuously juggle the enemy in the air with your attacks.

The enemy won't disappear until they hit the ground, so this is a great way to practice timing your attacks and character switches, and it also even increases the experience points you gain with each successful attack.

7 Increase Your Number Of Attacks

When you first start playing Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, combat is incredibly basic. With only one straightforward attack and limited jumping range at your disposal, in some ways, the game is more difficult during this early stage than it is later on.

You can increase the number and range of your attacks and movement in three ways. Filling out your stamp card will grant you an additional link on your link combo, armor purchased from Frida will grant you jumping attacks, and weapons from Bertrand will allow you to chain together bigger combos.

6 Switch Between Characters To Perform Long Distance Jumps

Each of the three playable characters has their own unique jumping traits, which unlock once you attain their high-end armour. CJ can dash horizontally in midair, Garoo can perform a charged jump, and Isha can teleport upwards and float.

You can combine these three unique jumps by switching characters in midair. Although you won't need to master linked jumps to progress through the story, they will allow you to reach faraway platforms, which often have rare resources on them. Starting with Garoo's charged jump, then performing CJ's air dash, and finally, Isha's float is one of the easiest to execute jump combos, and it covers the farthest distance.

5 Focus On CJ

While Garoo and Isha provide diversity in gameplay with their heavy and ranged attacks respectively, for the most part, you'll find yourself playing as CJ, with Garoo and Isha only making appearances in your linked combos.

As such it makes sense to focus your attention on improving CJ's gear before everyone else's. If you're completing all the side quests as they become available, you'll likely be able to upgrade all three characters' gear concurrently until the final stages of the game. Otherwise, one super-powerful character is better than three middling ones.

4 Switch Out Attack And Defense Runes On The Fly

Elemental runes can be placed in both attack and defense slots and can make a massive difference when you reach the game's later dungeons. Each dungeon's enemies are typically all of the same elemental types, and as you can change your gear at any time you can easily swap your rune out at the start of every dungeon to give yourself a big advantage.

Look out for the arrows above each enemy. If they're pointing downwards then your currently equipped runes are weak against that enemy's elemental type. Switch them over to ones that are strong against it, and you'll notice the arrows turn upwards. As such, it's wise to carry six of each elemental rune at a time to give your entire party a boost.

3 Check The Quest Objective To Complete Quests Faster

The quests in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will have you heading to another part of the overworld map or a dungeon to gather a resource or interact with someone and then return to the quest giver. It's incredibly simplistic, but the character's witty dialogue (and the rewards) make it worthwhile.

The game isn't overly concerned with exploration, and more often than not it provides the location of the objective right in the quest log. Combine this with the game's 'select location' function in the overworld and completing quests becomes an incredibly swift process. If the item you're after is in a dungeon, then open your map and there will often be an exclamation point showing you which room you'll find it in.

2 Make Use Of The Pawnshop

There are only a handful of dungeons in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, so you'll find yourself running through them again and again as you're tasked with fetching specific resources from each quest. Along the way, you'll pick up heaps of other resources, which you may be inclined to keep in case you need them later in the game.

Most items you'll want to craft however only require one or two of any given resource, so it's worth trading in any excess items for baqua at the pawnshop in Outlander Lane. This way you'll always have enough money to keep your characters in the best gear.

1 Get Free Resources From The Trading Post

At Hogan's trading post you can trade big stacks of low-grade resources for smaller stacks of high-grade ones. Towards the bottom of the list, you'll find resources that can be traded for stamps.

Although the game doesn't explain this, you're not actually trading in your stamps for these resources. Once you've reached the required number of stamps, you can simply take that resource from Hogan while giving him nothing in return. This means you never have to weigh up which of these items you want the most.

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