8 Things That Make No Sense In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The world of Pokemon has never been one to take itself too seriously. Criminal organizations are regularly taken down by children, and trainers seem content to stand in the same spot for days on end, awaiting a challenger. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is the latest entry in the acclaimed series, and brings with it a whole new region called Paldea.

This Spain-inspired open world is a vast island filled with opportunities and regions to explore. However, not everything in this world comes backed by a logical explanation. The world of Pokemon may be fictional, but that doesn’t mean certain moments in your journey won’t leave you scratching your head in confusion.

8/8 Where Do Berries Come From?

As you journey across Paldea, you will frequently see sparkling dots on the ground. These spots contain useful items such as Pokeballs and potions. Some of the most useful items you can find at these spots are berries. The weird thing is that these berries seemingly appear out of nowhere.

Past Pokemon games had locations where you could cultivate and grow berries. However, the land of the Paldea region seems to have the magical ability to produce berries without a single berry bush. You can find berries in deserts, fields, and icy regions without any real explanation of how they got there.

7/8 The Paldean Sandwich Meat Industry

People have to eat, and the world of Pokemon doesn’t appear to be an exception. Sandwiches are a big deal in Paldea. Many shops in the various towns throughout the region are dedicated to selling sandwich supplies, and trainers can be seen having sandwich picnics quite frequently. So how do people get the hamburger, chorizo, and bacon meat for the sandwiches?

The only unsettling explanation is from the Pokemon themselves. The issue is that to sustain such a volume of meat production would require a large industry. Yet you’ll never see livestock farms in Paldea. All the sandwich meat simply appears on a plate, and your average Paldean seem content to just close their eyes and look the other way.

6/8 Trainer Pokemon Levels

Paldea is the first region in a mainline Pokemon game to introduce a fully open world. As a student at the Academy, you are given the Treasure Hunt challenge to explore the world as you see fit. The strange thing is that Pokemon trainers in the region have seemed to arrange themselves by ascending Pokemon level all around Paldea.

Weaker trainers stay near the southern part of the region, while stronger ones work their way up North. Considering the freedom of movement offered by the Treasure Hunt, it would make more sense if Pokemon trainer level was more varied regardless of location. As it stands, Academy students have to follow a certain path or risk getting wiped out by a Trainer who has vastly stronger Pokemon. This takes away the freedom that the Academy wants to encourage for its students.

5/8 Why Is There So Much Litter?

Throughout your travels you will find items scattered all over the ground on Paldea. They can range from just about any consumable, such as Pokeballs, Evolution Stones and Medicine. In a world so connected with the natural environment, it doesn't make sense to see so much litter on the ground. Trainers seem to just carelessly toss their items on the ground when they no longer have need for them.

The environmental impact on the Pokemon world could be devastating. Imagine a family of Pawmi who get sick because of eating an X Accuracy they found lying on the ground. At the rate in which people leave their stuff, it won't be long before Paldea is absolutely covered in rogue items. If trainers really care about Pokemon, they need to be more conscious of their environmental footprint.

4/8 The Paldean Economy

In Paldea, all stores offer the option of paying with a separate currency called League Points. These points are distributed and managed by the Pokemon League, and given to trainers as a reward for completing missions. Stores go so far as to let you pay for items with League Points instead of credits at a one to one ratio.

One has to wonder how this system hasn’t completely disrupted the economy. The League gives these points out so arbitrarily. In reality, this would completely devalue the traditional currency of the Pokemon global marketplace. For you, having access to League Points essentially means double the rewards, but for the economy it spells an absolute disaster. Fortunately, Pokemon isn’t an economic simulator.

3/8 The TM Machine

Scarlet & Violet has introduced a convenient machine that lets you craft desired TMs at any Pokemon center. This feature is certainly useful, and gives you access to a library of Pokemon moves in locations all over the region. The weird thing is that crafting these TMs requires Pokemon materials. TMs are always visualized as discs that store the digital data of Pokemon moves.

With that said, it doesn’t make sense that these discs require Pokemon material to create. Hypothetically, they should be able to download the same data from the move library of any other TM Machine. Considering that people in Paldea have digital Rotom phones, it shouldn’t be a stretch that TM data could be saved and transferred without the need for materials.

2/8 The Main Characters House

Mainline Pokemon games always have a family house and neighborhood where you start your adventure. Places like Pallet Town in the Kanto region, or Littleroot in Hoenn. These towns are always small neighborhoods filled with friendly faces, who wish you luck on your journey. In contrast, your house in Paldea is located in the isolated area of Cabo Poco. It overlooks the ocean, and has a beautiful coastal setting.

What's puzzling is that it is in the middle of nowhere. It’s the only residential property in Paldea that isn’t part of town, and despite having neighbors standing around, they don’t appear to have anywhere to live.

1/8 Reactions To Koraidon And Miraidon

The serpent-like pair are the headline legendary Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet. They both have highly unique appearances that set them apart from the rest of the Pokemon in Paldea. However, despite their unusual appearance and unknown origin, nobody in Paldea seems to be particularly surprised to see them. Legendary Pokemon usually make a big impression as they travel the world.

Considering that they are completely unique from any known Pokemon, one would think that seeing Miraidon or Koraidon would be a notable experience for your average Pokemon Trainer. Strangely, the most attention that They receive from Trainers is comments about their unusual or mysterious look.

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