A Certified Madman Is Doing Fall Guys Fanart Every Day For A Year

Some guy out there has taken it upon himself to undergo the rather painstaking task of  creating a piece of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout fan art every day for an entire year. Well, I guess someone had to, right? No?

This madman’s name is Matt Hogben – going by HoggysArt on Twitter – and he is a digital artist based in the United Kingdom. He himself posed the challenge, saying that if the Fall Guys developers retweet his own tweet, he will indeed go through with it.

We’re wondering if he genuinely expected them to do exactly that? Probably, seeing as Mediatonic – the developers – are certainly the types who’d be down for something like this. So of course, they are in full support of the thing, and say that this is in fact the second artist to assign themselves such a wild task:

Regardless, one can really only have admiration for this person. We’re just a bit concerned about where his mind might go, and what frazzled state it will be in after having to conjure up 365 unique pieces of artwork. What’s worse is that he’s already created more than two dozen pieces of fan art before this challenge kicked off, so it’s likely those won’t count towards this whole shebang.

But judging by those pieces (which make reference to Death Stranding, Attack on Titan, Metal Gear, and of course, Shrek), we have full confidence in his creative abilities.

This isn’t the first amusingly unreasonable Twitter-based challenge that the wildly popular battle royale game (which sold more than 2 million copies on Steam in its first week of release) has been subjected to. The game’s producer Alex Sudowhaley smugly joked that he could delete the game’s yellow team completely with one click, so yesterday the challenge was posed that they would do exactly that if that tweet receives 1 million retweets. 

We’re just hoping more than anything that these are two quests that won’t entail the “hilarious failure” which inevitably comes with the game’s territory.

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