A Feast For Geese Involves Having A Conversation With A Stranger On A Park Bench

If you’re tired of the relentless overdrive of furious multiplayer FPS, or the constant need to keep moving in action-RPGs, then it’s time to sit back and relax with A Feast for Geese. The narrative-driven indie only asks one thing of you: to have a chill conversation with a stranger on a park bench.

A Feast for Geese sounds like House House went a little overboard with its Untitled Goose Game multiplayer mode, but it couldn’t be any more different. Developed by Max Mitchell, Max Lama, and Conor Toland for the Completion Jam–a 72-hour game jam hosted by developer and YouTuber Deynum–this quiet, self-aware title is a light in the dark for people who find it difficult to open up emotionally.

Gameplay begins in a park where you sit on a bench gazing upon the scenery, aware of the birds nibbling at scraps around your feet. A mysterious stranger is then introduced who joins you on the bench and strikes up a conversation that transcends the usual chit-chat. As the narrative progresses, the tone deepens and the game’s dialogue options allow you to open up truthfully to the stranger. With four possible endings to experience–based on your dialogue choices–A Feast for Geese offers a safe space for your character and perhaps some topics to relate to yourself.

The ongoing pandemic has brought about unwanted spells of loneliness for some, as well as a whole crucible of other feelings to fester. Mental health awareness is on the rise and A Feast for Geese serves a friendly reminder that it’s okay to purge those feelings and perhaps lend an ear to someone in need. The narrative beautifully illustrates the protagonist’s struggle to belong, and a little of your own feelings can be reflected in the game based on what responses you choose.

Another touching narrative, Alone With You, is getting a Nintendo Switch port that’s due to release early this year. The space-bound adventure is being ported as part of the “Deep Space Edition,” which will also bring a serving of new content to the handheld.

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