Actually, Bennett Is One Of The Best Characters In Genshin Impact

There seems to be a trend amongst Genshin Impact players to brush Bennett aside and opt for other “better” characters. But actually, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that Bennett has some real potential.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say he’s one of the game’s best characters, and this is not only if you kit him out with the right tools for the trade. Just by virtue of being Bennett himself can he be considered a great character.

So what makes him worthy of your love? One Redditor puts it perfectly, summing him up as “a wholesome Chad [who] deserves your appreciation.” And while the concept of a “Chad” is usually not entirely complimentary, if it’s in the right context we’re inclined to embrace it and show a little love.

Firstly, we ought to respect that Bennett came from nothing and managed to build himself up to being one hardy guy. He is also widely known for his really crap luck, but even that doesn’t keep him down for long. He has to have one of the most resilient outlooks on life, simply embracing this bad luck, striving to make the most of life regardless, and stare danger and death in the face.

Redditor Shark-Keeper makes a heart-warming observation about him and his remarkable tendency towards selflessness and support, saying:

“Because ‘luck’ is relative, that’s why a truly unlucky character will make everyone else around him luckier. In terms of luck Bennett can’t go any lower, so he’s making others rise instead.”

Unacceptably though, many people seem to brush young Bennett aside, presumably because of his sour luck and bumbling nature. But he really can take you far, if you give him a chance. Over and above his ability to warm our little hearts, he can also be a worthy Pyro Support character if you follow our unique build guide for him. So can we just stop being mean to this sweetheart?

Source: Reddit

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