Age of Calamity: 10 Tips For Playing As Daruk

A cheerful Goron warrior and one of the more powerful of the Champions, Daruk may not be on the same level as Revali, Mipha, or Urbosa when it comes to overall usage in Age of Calamity, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth using. Daruk takes the general idea of Darunia’s playstyle in Hyrule Warriors, though adds just enough to make him a more viable fighter will still retaining the playstyle enough to make him easy to pick up for returning players.

Wielding his Boulder Breaker in one hand and Daruk’s Protection in the other, there isn’t much Ganon’s armies can do to stop Daruk once he has begun slaughtering Bokoblins left and right and does more than enough in battle to earn the title of Champion.


Daruk is a somewhat slow and tanky melee fighter whose central playstyle revolves around summoning magma to the field, which he can then explode at a moment’s notice not unlike Zelda’s Sheikah Slate abilities. While his basic attacks aren’t that fast, he also comes equipped with a very fast roll attack that, while not as fast as Riju and Patricia, still allows him to navigate the battlefield much quicker than his large size would otherwise allow. Surprisingly, Daruk also comes with some very useful AOE attacks that help both in generating magma as well as keep Bokoblins at bay.

Strong Attack

Daruk’s strong attack will, while he is stationary or walking, will trigger Daruk’s Protection ability before rolling him in a straight line that deals decent damage to smaller enemies. If the strong attack button is held down, the size of Daruk’s Protection, as well as far he travels, increases accordingly. Daruk’s strong attack also has the added advantage of making him immune to most attacks while he performs it, making for a great way of charging enemies without having to worry about taking damage and also makes him one of the better character choices for the Hairs Width Trials. While sprinting, Daruk’s strong attack will launch him into the air and slam him into the ground a short distance ahead of him, which isn’t nearly as useful as his regular strong attack.

Special Attack

Daruk’s special attack once again summons Daruk’s Protection, though this time he violently expands it around him, dealing damage to enemies directly in front of him. Despite the shape of Daruk’s protecting indicating otherwise, this attack doesn’t hit all around him and is only useful against single targets.

While this does leave Daruk at something of a disadvantage compared to the other Champions, his special attack does cover a considerable distance in front of him and doesn’t require you to be at point black range before firing it off.

Basic Combo String

Daruk’s basic combo string is nearly identical to Darunia’s hammer from the original Hyrule Warriors, though it is executed faster and deals more straight forward attacks rather than Darunia’s wide swings. That being said, there is still a good combination of horde clearing and single target attacks in his basic combo string to allow it to be useful in just about every scenario. The final move of Daruk’s basic combo string also summons huge boulders from the sky, dealing massive damage while also summoning magma to the battlefield without needing to use strong attack combos.

Strong Attack Combos

All of Daruk’s strong attack combos summon magma spots to the field, though not all of them are the same. Daruk’s first combo is very fast and summons three blocks in front of him that can be detonated twice, his second and fourth combo summons a magma ramp that can be ridden by using his strong attack, while his fifth combo summons six magma spots, three that can be detonated once and three that can be detonated twice. His third combo, while being the closest to Darunia’s strong attack combos, is also one of his weakest, as Daruk destroys the magma spot as soon as it is summoned, though it has an explosive AOE effect that is somewhat useful against hordes.

Weak Point Drainer

Daruk has no lack of power behind his swings, so it’s no surprise that he has multiple good weak point drainers in his arsenal. His second, fourth, and fifth strong attack combos are generally the best, both in their direct damage as well as the magma spots being able to be detonated for extra damage. His fifth combo also has a chance to stun enemies and activate their weak point gauges, making it the best option if you are trying to deal as much damage as possible as fast as possible.

Sheikah Rune

Unfortunately, for all the strengths Daruk has, his Stasis Rune, the best power the Sheikah Slate has, is also his worst Rune ability, as he can’t dodge cancel out of the animation like most other characters and he detonates it very fast, meaning it can’t even be utilized by a second player.

Magnesis is pretty standard, though he deals decent damage to anyone close to him. Cryonis has a neat effect of launching Daruk into the air, allowing him to do a slamming attack on the way down that also summons a magma ramp. His Bomb rune is probably his best, as not only is the bomb enormous, but it also summons magma spots after detonating.


Both defending and dodging are good options for Daruk as his character model isn’t so large that it obscures attacks from your vision and his blocks cover a large area. However, the best defense for Daruk is a good offense, as his strong attack ignores all incoming damage short of Guardian beams and Blight Ganon attacks, making it the best option when fighting most other enemies in the game if you need to go on the defensive.

Weapon Modifiers

While Daruk benefits from the same good seals as most other characters, with Attack Speed, Attack Range, and Normal Attack Damage all being good, Daruk also benefits from a couple of others that some characters can’t. Strong Attack Damage is very good considering how Daruk is virtually indestructible while using his strong attack, while Damage to Midair Enemies combos well with his magma spots, as the majority of them launch smaller enemies like Bokoblins and Lizalfos when detonated.

Unique Action

Daruk’s unique action functions almost identically to Zelda’s while using the Sheikah Slate, detonating whatever magma spots are on the ground at the time. This power can also be activated very quickly, meaning you don’t have to worry about taking damage when using it as the animation completes in about a second and can be dodged out of if necessary. The magma spots themselves also vary, as smaller ones can be detonated twice while the larger ones summoned by the fifth combo and magma ramps can only be detonated once.

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