Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s First Story Expansion Launches In August

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is finally getting its first paid expansion, Pathogen, launching on August 30. It'll bring the Endeavour crew to LV-895 to face mutated Xenomorphs. As if they weren't terrifying enough.

If you're not fussed about the story and just want to build up your crew, there are eight new weapons, a new perk for every class, 26 additional attachments, six head accessories, 21 weapon colours, two more outfits for every class, ten emotes, and nine gun decals coming as part of the expansion.

It's a paid expansion but, coming alongside it, there's a free update that will implement a new hardcore mode, adding an "extreme survival challenge" that will make your gunfights with the hordes of Xenomorphs all the more gruelling. You can see the new expansion in action below.

The new and mutated Xenomorphs should look familiar as they're modelled on the white Nemorphs from Alien Covenant (thanks, IGN). They mark a more difficult and new challenge for the Endeavour crew, so you might want to recruit a few friends to make it a little easier to stomach.

It's not the only new Aliens content underway as 20th Century also announced a brand-new game. It's called Aliens: Dark Descent and we've seen very little of the actual gameplay so far, but it looks a lot like Diablo, being a top-down arcade-y shoot-em-up rather than a first-person survival horror ala Isolation or a Left 4 Dead-like co-op game in the case of Fireteam Elite.

But like Fireteam Elite, it takes note from the more action-packed James Cameron film Aliens, pitting players against onslaughts of Xenomorphs, treating them as fodder. It's set to launch in 2023, so there's plenty of Alien to go around in the next couple of years. For now, we're closing on Fireteam Elite's third season with the roadmap pointing to the fourth starting on August 30 when the new DLC drops. If we'll see anything beyond Pathogen remains to be seen.

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