Alienware Debuts Gaming Monitor With 360Hz Refresh Rate

Alienware has just introduced a full run of top-of-the-line gaming gear, like its Alienware’s M17 R3 and Area-51m R2 laptops with a 360Hz refresh rate. Another noteworthy piece to the lineup is a gaming monitor with the same refresh rate for those who want to enrich the visuals on a separate screen — Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor.

Taking up as much surface area as possible, the new monitor comes with a thin black frame and a sleekly curved display. “ALILENWARE” branding is stamped at the bottom of the screen, complemented by a minimal stand that comes with two legs. Additionally, the monitor supports NVIDIA’s Reflex Latency Analyzer so gamers can keep a close eye on performance and system latency. There’s only a handful of monitors with a refresh rate as high as 360Hz in the current market — most displays cap off at 120Hz or 240Hz — so the new capacity is a significant step up for gamers.

Further details of the upcoming model remain scarce — the company plans to unveil more specs later this month.

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