All The Games Showcased In Wholesome Game's Livestream "Wholesome Snacks"

Wholesome Games held another showcase of, you guessed it, wholesome games. Titled “Wholesome Snack,” (with an event thumbnail created by artist Christine), the roughly 15-minute livestream highlighted nine games. Here are all the games that made an appearance. Only one game, Half Past Fate, is currently available to play. The rest are yet to be released.


This game is exactly what the title suggests. It’s a first-person photography experience, and you snap pictures of 2-D dogs. Pupperazzi promises an endless selection of canines (As the Steam listing says, “Shibas, terriers, labs, pugs, and all kinds of breeds. You want ‘em, WE GOT EM!”), as well as plenty of petting opportunities. Pupperazzi is not available to play yet.


In Snacko, you get to live out your rustic lifestyle dreams AND be a cat. Best of both worlds. Players grow crops, build stuff, and make friends with other animals. There are also mystery mines and puzzle dungeons to explore. Snacko is not out yet and the release date is to be announced.

Garden Story

You play as a Concord grape with the mission of fighting against an invasive Rot and saving your island community. Garden Story is an action-RPG, but the developers emphasize that there is equal attention and reward given to gardening, building, and fixing as there is to fighting. Garden Story is releasing sometime in 2021.

Lonesome Village

Wholesome Games’ Twitter describes Lonesome Village as “a fantasy adventure that mixes puzzle solving and social simulation. Think Animal Crossing meets The Legend of Zelda!” No release date has been set, but a Kickstarter campaign for the game will begin on September 17.

Lemon Cake

It’s a farm-to-table fantasy where players get to restore an abandoned bakery, bake goods, and serve customers. No release date has been set.

Button City

Vibrantly colored, Button City is a low-poly game about a “Fluff Squad’s” attempt to escape an arcade and from a villainous cat named Peppermint Pepperbottom. Arcade games, puzzles, and forming friendships are part of the experience. The game has not been released yet.

Land of Screens

A point-and-click adventure, Land of Screens is about the main character’s, Holland’s, attempts to escape social media and the ills of screens. (Ironic…since you will be playing the game through a screen.) As Holland, players will embark on a journey to form real-world relationships and leave behind “social media saturation.” The planned release date is 2021.

Date Night Bowling

Date Night Bowling is a fast-paced retro bowling game. The player’s goal is to impress their bowling date. You will be tested on how well you can place a well-timed compliment, if you can give a good back rub, and other awkward, fun first date shenanigans. The planned release date is 2021.

Half Past Fate

A rom-com adventure, Half Past Fate is about how six different people’s lives intersect. The game is available on Steam for iOS and PC at 40% off. The deal lasts until September 7.

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