Among Us 2023 Roadmap To Include New Map, New Collabs, And Maybe New Roles

Among Us might not be the same juggernaut it was during the pandemic, but that doesn't mean Innersloth plans to wind down its hidden role game. Innersloth has big plans for Among Us in 2023, including updates to the game's user interface, a brand-new map, improvements to quickchat, and more.

You'll first see some UI/UX updates "coming soon," according to Innersloth. "Cleaning up the account merging flow, updating the store to be easier to navigate, making it easier to see how you can report a toxic player," wrote Dors on the Innersloth blog, "these are all things we want to work on, and more. We don’t want anything to get in the way of you and your tasks."

While UI updates aren’t particularly exciting, things get a bit more thrilling a little further into 2023. First, Among Us will receive its fifth map full of new tasks, "fun surprises," and an update with a bunch of new cosmetics.

Matchmaker improvements are also a priority, given how Among Us now has a new mode, a bunch of new roles, and custom lobbies to contend with. "We realize that many of you want to be able to find the games you want to play more easily and quickly," wrote Dors. "That’s why a big focus this year will be on adding features to matchmaking to ensure you are closer to the type of spacebean experience you want."

A quickchat rework based on player feedback is planned, as well as collaborations with other game franchises. No details on either of those, but Innersloth thinks we'll "freak out" when we hear about who they're collaborating with. And, if Innersloth has time and it doesn't break the game (and is approved by its platform partners), we might see some new roles to go alongside the Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Engineer, and Scientist.

There are some bugs that everyone should know about on the 2023 roadmap, which will hopefully be patched out soon. Take a look at Innersloth’s blog for more details.

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