An Entire Year After Its PC Release, Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Finally Been Cracked

No, we’re not going to link any pirated copies or go into all the details of how Red Dead Redemption 2 now has illegitimate copies floating around the data sphere. We just know that what was once considered to be an uncrackable game has finally been cracked so unscrupulous software pirates can play it.

According to DSOGaming, the crack was discovered recently and now cracked copies are available from pirate websites. What’s remarkable is that Red Dead Redemption 2 was previously thought to be uncrackable thanks to its combination of DRM tools, which include Digital.AI encryption and Rockstar’s own Social Club.

The two pieces worked almost like two-factor authentication, with Social Club serving to ensure that each game in operation is attached to a real player/purchase. DSOG reports that the crack is a bypass-style crack, which just fools the systems into thinking that everything is fine without actually turning off either of the game’s DRM. This means there’s no difference between the cracked version of the game and a legit copy, at least in terms of performance.

With RDR2 cracked, modders are expected to have a field day. There’s already plenty of mods available for the game, but not nearly as many as are available for GTAV. Now begins the mod renaissance for what is surely the world’s most popular cowboy game.

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