Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Are Selling Specific Villagers, And Everyone Wants Raymond

Everybody loves Raymond. Forget Nook’s Cranny, Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s black market has a new hot item. Raymond, a bookish cat villager with a snarky attitude and a great sense of fashion, is all the rage.

Players are shelling out upwards of 500 Nook Miles tickets to take Raymond off of sellers’ hands.

It certainly isn’t surprising that Raymond is one of the most sought after villagers. Early in the game, he drew attention for his haughty quips and a few parlor tricks that you could pull, one which included getting Raymond to dress up in a sultry maid’s uniform.

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His yes man attitude just seemed like innocent fun at first, but soon ACNH fans started to become privy to the villager’s true intentions.

Raymond’s sidequest to swap spit with your other villagers is one of Raymond’s many quirks, which makes him a desirable way to spice up island life. He’s a hopeless romantic, and he’ll definitely stir up trouble on your island as he makes a fool of himself time and time again.

He’s not just a flirt. Raymond also has a stunning contralto and knows some of K.K. Slider’s biggest hits by heart.

Raymond may be the villager of the moment, but he certainly isn’t the only villager that’s fetching a high dollar on the black market. If you happen to attract Chevre on your island, you could fetch a pretty penny for her as well.

A few other highly sought-after villagers include the likes of Marshal, Whitney, Rodney, and any of the octopi villagers really. For dozens of Nook Miles tickets, you can start building your dream island population. Players are also injecting villagers via amiibo cards in addition to purchasing them on the quickly growing “black market’.” If you know where to look and have the money, New Horizons’ online capability means you won’t have to wait for the stars to align to bring Raymond home.

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