Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wedding Season update and heart crystals guide

The latest new event for Animal Crossing is live now, but how can you ensure the perfect wedding and what are heart crystals for?

Planning real-life weddings may have become extremely difficult in the last few months but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons it’s all very easy… and potentially profitable if you’re looking for some exclusive new items for your island.

The Wedding Season will run for all of June and revolves around Harvey’s photo studio, a separate island that you can only access via the airport.

Once you arrive, you’ll find that Reese and Cyrus from Animal Crossing: New Leaf are there and want to recreate their wedding day, by having you decorate Harvey’s studio and take the photos.

You should’ve run into Harvey a long time ago, so all you need to do is visit him by selecting the options when you talk to Orville the dodo at the airport. If you’ve only started playing in the last few days you might have to wait util he pops up naturally, which shouldn’t take long and you can’t miss him.

When you get to Harvey’s island just listen along to the situation and when they’re ready the first step is to set-up the room so it looks as nice as possible. The theme will change every day but the first time it’s just cute and pink, which is the default design for all the furniture.

All you have to do is treat the room like you would one in your own house and press down on the D-pad to get up the room view and the right to see the inventory.

As well as your own furniture you’ll also see Cyrus’ new wedding-themed items in the new Events tab. You’ve got as many of these as you want so just click a bunch of benches and decorations and set them up to look nice (the decorations can only go on the wall, so press the ‘+’ button to switch between the top-down and side-on view).

In the future you may want to add extra furniture of your own or customise Cyrus’ by clicking on it in the inventory and pressing ‘X’, but for now the default will be fine. So when it’s all laid out nice just talk to Reese again and set them up for the actual photo.

This works the same as any other visit to Harvey’s, where you can move the pair around and get them to use different emotes. Press the right shoulder button to get them to look at the camera but if they’re turned round the wrong way you’ll have to come out of camera mode and rotate them round like a piece of furniture.

When everything’s set-up the way you want it take your phot and show it to Reese – only the last one you take will count.

If she likes it she’ll give you some heart crystals, which if you then talk to Cyrus can be exchanged for his exclusive furniture.

That’s how everything works on your first visit but if you go back each day Reese says she’ll have different themes for you to match and new furniture from Cyrus (the pair used to run the Re-Tail shop in New Leaf, whose customisation features are no longer needed in New Horizons).

Animal Crossing heart crystal wedding furniture rewards

Wedding chair (3 crystals)
Wedding decoration (3 crystals)
Blue wedding rug (4 crystals)
Red wedding rug (4 crystals)
White wedding rug (4 crystals)
Wedding flower stand (4 crystals)
Wedding candle set (4 crystals)
Wedding bench (5 crystals)
Wedding cake (5 crystals)
Wedding welcome board (5 crystals)
Wedding head table (6 crystals)
Wedding table (6 crystals)
Wedding pumps (6 crystals)
Wedding shoes (6 crystals)
Bridal veil (12 crystals)
Brown wedding wall (12 crystals)
Green wedding wall (12 crystals)
White wedding wall (12 crystals)
Wedding-party wall (12 crystals)
Brown wedding flooring (12 crystals)
Green wedding flooring (12 crystals)
White wedding flooring (12 crystals)
Wedding arch (20 crystals)
Cake dress (20 crystals)
Wedding tuxedo (20 crystals)
Wedding pipe organ (40 crystals)
Wedding fence (unknown crystals)

As well as a whole new set of bugs and fishes, the 1 June update has also brought some other new features, including some new gifts to buy from Nook Shopping themed around International Children’s Day and Father’s Day and an extra item per day in Nook’s Cranny.

Dodo Airlines is also operating a new delivery service where you can ship items from an island directly to either your home or to sell as if it’s going into the Nook’s Cranny drop-off box. Wilbur will explain it all to you as you go to leave Harvey’s Island for the first time.

Although it will last all June, the wedding season for New Horizon is the final new event to have been announced back in April, alongside Leif’s gardening shop and the museum art gallery.

That means we now know nothing else about what might be coming in the future for Animal Crossing, although rumours include swimming and Brewster’s café might be on their way later in the year.

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