Anime Game You Can "Play With One Hand" On Switch Store’s Homepage

Nintendo is widely known as the family-friendly console platform. It's one of the main reasons why Switch sales continue to go from strength to strength as the system is now Nintendo's best-selling home console ever, surpassing the Wii. One of the reasons that might be somewhat surprising is because the Switch is the first console on which Nintendo has taken a more relaxed approach to the games it allows onto its storefront.

Despite allowing them onto the Switch, you do normally need to seek out the more violent and risque games available on the console. One appears to have slipped through Nintendo's net today though, as a puzzle game called Hentai Uni is currently front and center under the Switch's recently released banner, right there on the eShop's front page. The somewhat non-Nintendo Nintendo game was first spotted on the front page by VGC.

In case you were wondering what components make up a hentai-themed puzzle game, let us enlighten you. As demonstrated in its gameplay trailer, players of Hentai Uni are tasked with completing puzzles, gradually removing the clothes of anime girls until they are wearing nothing but their underwear, bras not included. The game has been rated M in the US and 12 in the UK, which is surprising in itself and might explain how the game has snuck onto the eShop's homepage.

Developers of games like these ones that won't necessarily get a lot of time in the spotlight, and in most instances none of the spotlight at all, need to be able to sum up what the title is about in a single sentence. Hentai Uni developer Big Way Games has gone with “a puzzle game that can be played with one hand.” So yeah, you'll be able to use your free hand to hold a drink, eat a sandwich, or check Twitter. That's the point the description is trying to make, right?

By the time you read this, Hentai Uni's presence on the Switch eShop's homepage will have likely been rectified. Nintendo certainly won't want it sitting alongside the likes of Animal Crossing and Kirby. It should be noted that even though Hentai Uni can be seen by anyone on the homepage, you need to input your age before you can view any of its content or actually buy the game.

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