AOC And Canadian MP Raise $200K For Charity In Among Us Stream

Last Friday, Canadian Member of Parliament and leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh played Among Us with American counterpart, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The stream was a meeting of the political left from both Canada and the US as the two agree on many points such as healthcare (we all should have it), economic opportunity (ditto healthcare), and climate change (it’s real and we gotta do something about it).

To help spread their message, Jagmeet invited AOC to his Among Us livestream along with several notable streamers like Hasanabi, XQC, and Toast. There were some pretty funny moments, such as when Jagmeet accidentally murdered someone while trying to run a poll on Twitch, or the time he killed XQC right in front of AOC.

“Are you for real? Jagmeet, you just killed her right in front of me,” AOC said when Jagmeet tried to deflect blame for the killing. “He’s so good at this, it’s scary.”

This was Jagmeet’s first time playing the popular hidden role game, so we can forgive him for making a few mistakes.

Following the game, AOC thanked Jagmeet for the invitation to have another Among Us stream. “Wonderful learning from you @theJagmeetSingh,” AOC wrote on Twitter. “Thank you for reminding us that another world is not only possible, but just a few hours’ drive from NYC.”

Although not nearly as well-viewed as AOC’s earlier stream just before the US election, it did get 26,000 simultaneous viewers at one point. And it also raised $200,000 for charity, with funds distributed among six relief efforts aimed at supporting those affected by the COVID pandemic and its associated economic downturn as well as helping alleviate food scarcity.

“I think it’s a great way to reach out to young people who have been really hard-hit by COVID-19, who often get blamed. But they’re the ones that are working in the jobs that expose them–in service jobs, in retail jobs, in restaurants and bars,” Singh told Global News in an interview. “Also they’re the ones who lost their jobs, because these are the sectors that have been impacted by the shutdown.”

No word on when Singh might stream again, but here’s hoping these cross-border Among Us games become a regular thing.

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