Apex Legends Battle Pass release date CONFIRMED: Season 1 out tomorrow, start time reveal

Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass is arriving this week, with EA today confirming the release date and start time.

Apex Legends season 1 Wild Frontier has a release date of Tuesday March 19 and will go live at 4pm UK time.

The news was revealed, alongside a teaser trailer, by the @PlayApex Twitter account.

They posted: “What others call dangerous, Legends call Tuesday. Season 1: Wild Frontier coming at 10:00AM Pacific tomorrow”.

For those in the UK that means Apex Legends season 1 will start at 5pm GMT on Tuesday March 19.

The Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass will cost 950 Apex Coins but you can alternatively by a Battle Pass bundle.

This costs 2,800 Apex Coins and will unlock the first 25 levels of the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Purchasing the Apex Legends Battle Pass will instantly rewards players with a number of skins.

Players will get the Lifeline Revolutionary skin, the Wraith Survivor skin and the Mirage Outlaw skin.

While it was also revealed that the much-rumoured Octane Legend is coming with the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Octane was a Legend that leaked in the run up to the Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass release date.

In total the Apex Legends Battle Pass will have over 100 unique items that players can earn throughout season 1.

Free rewards are also on offer, with everyone who plays Apex Legends season 1 getting…

• A Wild Frontier Legend skin

• Five Apex packs

• Wild Frontier stat trackers

What’s coming in the Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass was revealed in a post online on the EA website.

Describing what fans have in store with the Battle Pass it says: “Ready to jump in?

“To get the Battle Pass, jump into Apex Legends and head to the Battle Pass tab in the store. Grab the Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins or the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins, and you’re all set.

“Take on the Wild Frontier and new rewards will unlock every time you level up your Battle Pass.”

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