Apex Legends Cross-Play confirmed with Steam and Nintendo Switch release plan

EA has announced that Apex Legends Cross-Play is coming to all platforms in the coming months, during Fall 2020.

And not only will Apex Legends Cross-Play be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but developers Respawn Entertainment are also launching the free title on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

This all seems to be happening around the same time, with Cross-Play and the Switch release happening during Fall 2020.

No set release date has been announced for any of these major updates, but Respawn has promised to provide more news in the coming months.

For anyone interested, Autumn begins at near the end of September and ends around December 21 in 2020.

So that provides a lot of wiggle room for Apex Legends to arrive on its new platforms.

Respawn has always planned for Cross-Play support for Apex Legends, speaking about it since the game launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“It’s nearly one year since we took the industry by storm with Apex Legends, and the strength and opportunity of this IP and live service continue to grow,” EA’s Andrew Wilson as quoted by Motley Fool.

“Apex is an outstanding example of the innovation across our portfolio. Seasons of new content are coming at a regular cadence for the growing global community.

“Season Three was bigger than Season Two with higher peaks in daily active users. Within those seasons, in-game events are engaging players with content and challenges that show the imagination and creativity that we are continually pouring into the experience.

“We’re also expanding the Apex universe with more ways to play and watch. We have plans to reach more platforms in FY ’21, and there’s a lot of excitement in the esports community for the Apex Legends Global Series that is now under way.

“We’re pleased to have Lenovo as an official sponsor for Apex competitive gaming, joining Gillette, Snickers, Pizza Hut and other major brands and broadcast networks partnering with us on our esports portfolio.”

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