Apex Legends Fan Creates A Pirate Ship Game Mode

Apex Legends may have recently started its newest limited-time event with Winter Express, but reddit user FrozenFroh has his own idea on how to spice up EA’s multiplayer shooter: pirate ships.

Creating his own mock-up and posting it to the Apex Legends Reddit community, FrozenFroh at first laid the following rules for his game mode: players start aboard their team’s flying ship, and can only use explosives, melee and jump pads – no guns or arc stars – to try to board the opposing team’s vessel in an 8v8 battle to the death.

Surrounding the ships is an endless sea of lava, which will kill players instantly.

Other users eventually convinced FrozenFroh to allow guns, but have the ships start at a distance that would make it impossible to board them at first. Eventually, the ships would get closer and closer, until players are able to board.

He also added some additional information about his idea in the comments below the post, saying that players would be able to place portals and self-placed jump-pads, but that these can be exploded by grenades. The teams will fight until one is completely wiped out, and the first team to win three times is the victor.

The proposal took off, becoming the top post on a subreddit that’s currently decked out in celebration of the current LTM. Some redditors offered suggestions, and others mused that it sounded similar to Unreal Tournament 2004‘s Assault – Convoy mode.

Unfortunately, right now, the idea remains just that – an idea. There’s no way to give the pirate ship LTM a try.

There has been no official response from EA or Respawn Entertainment about the proposed LTM, and because of legal reasons, it’s always risky for a business to adopt a fan’s idea. But the warm reception that FrozenFroh’s proposal might end up turning some heads inside the company, so there’s no telling what might happen.

As for now, and as always, you can play Apex Legends for free on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Just without pirate ships.

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