Apex Legends Hackers Are Kicking Players From Lobbies

A bizarre new hack seems to be kicking players out of their Apex Legends matches and sending them straight to the game’s firing range.

Reports are surfacing online of Apex Legends players suddenly getting kicked from their match only to find themselves transported to the Firing Range. Twitch streamer Camms shared this footage on Twitter of her game, which went from the middle of intense combat to a loading screen. After a few moments, she appeared at the Firing Range with another player named "autismgaming999."

If there was any doubt as to the source of Camms inexplicably terminated match, autismgaming999 then typed "owned" in the chat.

EA Help called the footage a "frustrating" bug and recommended it be reported on the Apex Legends technical support forum. Another user reported a similar issue in their most recent ranked game where it was their friend that got punted to the Firing Range without explanation, leaving them shorthanded for the rest of the match.

GamesRadar noted several similar posts in the Apex Legends subreddit. One said that they were trying to get into the Firing Range but wound up with five other people "on a map that wasn't even in rotation." Another said that they entered into a Firing Range lobby with two others who weren’t on their friends list. Clearly, something strange is going on with the Apex Legends Firing Range, and at least one hacker has figured out a way to weaponize it.

Let’s hope that Respawn can get this glitch under control before even more Apex Legends games are ruined.

With Apex Legends being one of the more popular battle royale shooters out there, it’s been a constant struggle to keep the game clear of hackers. Although hackers have historically been more common on PC, Apex Legends' recent crossplay update seems to have allowed hackers access to console players as well. Last May, a video of FNATIC player Revengeful getting absolutely demolished by an aimbotter started making the rounds, leading to renewed calls for greater security in Respawn's battle royale shooter.

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