Apex Legends Introduces Vantage A Sniper-Focused Hunter Coming Next Season

Respawn Entertainment just revealed the newest Legend to join the Apex Games in Season 14. Vantage is a sniper survivalist born to an escaped prisoner on an abandoned world whose curiosity led her to a deadly competition.

Apex Legends’ latest Storoes from the Outlands trailer begins with Vantage showcasing her marksmanship against a bat-like creature. Although struck, the bat survives long enough to bite Vantage’s hand and slip inside the wreckage of a crashed ship: the GDS Vantage. Returning to the cave she calls home, Vantage’s mother tells her that it was merely an empty cargo vessel driven entirely by AI. Vantage, whose mother reveals her real name to be Mara, wonders what GDS stands for, to which her mother replies with one rule: survive.

Later, Mara defies her mother and returns to inspect the crashed ship. Going inside, she discovers that the cargo ship is far from empty. There are bodies, boxes, and even rifles that bear a striking resemblance to her own. Vantage eventually finds the bat she shot earlier, only to discover that it had a child before succumbing to its wound. The bat seems to imprint on Vantage, but not before stepping on a button that awakens the ships long-dormant AI.

The AI confirms Vantage’s mother is actually Xenia Contreras, prisoner T-0323, sentenced to life aboard the Gaean Detention Ship Vantage. Although it’s not revealed how or why the ship crashed, it seems clear that Xenia was the sole survivor.

In her escape from the ship AI, Vantage falls into a deep chasm where she becomes trapped underneath a broken landing strut. She’s saved by the bat creature she befriended earlier after it takes Vantage’s whistle to Xenia, who calls for help using an ancient distress beacon. That beacon was revealed in yesterday’s teaser, drawing the Gaean authorities to rescue Vantage.

We’ll learn more about Vantage in the Hunted trailer coming July 28.

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