Apex Legends’ Lifeline May Be Getting A Rework

Apex Legends Season nine will bring a few changes to the game’s resident healer, Lifeline. More specifically, she’ll be getting nerfed; but a few other changes around her abilities may just balance things out.

Lifeline was one of the most popular Legends early on after the game’s launch, however, consequent balancing changes to the game and other characters saw her slowly fade into the background. In lieu of the latest season coming up in May, Respawn has decided to make a few changes to the character.

During an AMA on Reddit, one player posed a question about Lifeline’s kit. They suggested that her passive needs a 10-20 second delay between revives. Live Balance Designer John Larson took it upon themselves to answer, “Removing res shield, increasing tactical healing speed by 60%, buffing the CP to give guaranteed upgrades.”

So it seems that Respawn will be completely removing Lifeline’s shield wall which pops up when she’s in the process of reviving a downed teammate. While this heavily nerfs the character, the developer will balance this out by increasing the tactical healing speed of her drone by 60 percent and ensuring that her Care Package Ult provides guaranteed upgrades as compared to what the team has looted beforehand.

Apex Legends will soon be hosting its War Games event, starting April 13. The event will introduce five new rotating game modes. The Second Chance mode will give every player a free respawn. You’ll be transported back to the map with all your gear intact if you are killed. Ultra Zones will feature multiple Hot Zones all over the map instead of the traditional singular one. Each of these Hot Zones will also be enveloped in a Flash Point, a big glowing dome that replenishes your HP and shield.

Auto Banners will change the revive system of the game. Instead of you needing to go pick up your dead teammate’s banner as usual, it will simply spawn into your inventory upon their death. This means that your teammates can be revived in a much easier fashion.

Killing Time is perhaps the most game-changing mode featured in War Games. This mode will see the round timer reduce with every death on the map. This means that the ring will shrink much quicker than what we’re used to. And finally, the Armor Regen mode will see your shield regenerate at a rate of 12 points per second after a short delay. However, you won’t find any Shield Cells on the map in this mode.

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