Apex Legends Reveals New Lifeline Prime Gaming Skin

Apex Legends has confirmed that Lifeline will get the next Prime Gaming skin, available now until November 17th. The Lifeline Pastel Dreams skin is available only through Prime Gaming, which is included in an Amazon Prime subscription. Players can also pick up the last Prime Gaming skin, Bloodhound’s Will of the Allfather, until October 20th.

Lifeline is the newest legend to receive a Prime Gaming skin, as announced on the official Apex Legends Twitter account. The Pastel Dreams skin was showcased in a Twitter video, with Lifeline taking on a neon-accented outfit, complete with bright yellow, blue, and pink clothes and equipment.

Amazon Prime subscribers who want to claim the cosmetic must link their Twitch and Amazon accounts to their EA account. The skin can only be unlocked on one platform per EA account after all the necessary accounts have been linked. If you play on both PC and console, the skin can only be made available on one platform. 

Players can also still claim the Prime Gaming Bloodhound skin, Will of the Allfather, if they haven’t already. Bloodhound’s skin can be claimed through the same process, from now until October 20th. Prime Gaming skins are typically available to unlock for about a month, with Lifeline’s expiring on November 17th.

The next Apex Legends Prime Gaming skin has not yet been revealed, though it will likely be for Horizon, the game’s next legend. Newest legend Rampart received a Prime Gaming skin, called Custom Finish, when she was added to the game in season 6.

Horizon will join the Apex Legends roster in Season 7, which is slated to begin on November 10th. The new character was revealed through a collection of teasers and in-game challenges, at the end of which the legend introduces herself as Dr. Mary Somers. Horizon’s abilities have not been revealed, though she is expected to have some gravity-defying powers.

The Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams skin will be available through Prime Gaming until November 17th. The Bloodhound Will of the Allfather skin is available until October 20th.

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