Apex Legends Update Patch Notes: New Solo PS4 and Xbox changes revealed



  • Made adjustments to Pathfinder’s and Low-Profile Legends hitboxes.

    • Taking shots to the hip now does torso damage instead of leg damage. This should more closely match the behavior of the other Legends.

  • Fixed a bug where activating a healing item would cancel the Ultimate for Legends that need to prime it [Bangalore / Pathfinder / Caustic / Gibraltar / Bloodhound]

  • Fixed an exploit where players would sometimes be able to still shoot while downed.

  • Bloodhound

    • Increased the distance that Bloodhound can see traversal clues left by other players [but not other kinds of clues] to 25 meters.

    • Adjusted the area of effect for Bloodhound’s Tactical to 125 fov.


    • Based on player feedback, we’ve reduced the “hum” audio that’s playing while using Wraith’s Kunai.

    • Fixed issue where actions for Wrath would have a slight delay when her weapon is holstered and crouching or sliding while the kunai is equipped.

    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to remove the cooldown for Wraith’s Tactical Ability.


    • Fixed bug where Mirage was able to stay invisible and still be able to shoot and melee when using his Ultimate on a zipline.


    • Fixed bug where sometimes Octane’s Jump Pad would not launch the player.

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