Apex Legends update time: PS4 and Xbox One console delay explained by Respawn

The development team behind the hit Battle Royale shooter has explained why they have delayed the launch of the new Apex Legends update.

This new patch was supposed to hit live servers yesterday and it did eventually launch for PC players.

It’s a big one, bringing with it progression changes that make it possible to unlock more Apex Packs.

But since that initial release time, console gamers have been left waiting for the new Apex Legends update.

And we now know why the delay continues into Wednesday, December 4, and could last even longer.

At the time, Respawn revealed that they had only launched the PC version and would need to wait a little longer for the console version.

“Huddle up, Legends,” a message from Respawn explains.

“The patch we originally communicated to be delayed ended up going live shortly after on PC only.

“We’re still working on an ETA for console and will continue to update everyone here as information comes.”

But now we know that problems with the PC launch, including performance problems, is the reason behind the stuttering launch.

The bad news for PC players is that they will need to bear with the current issues until the next update is released.

The good news is that Respawn has plenty of incentive to get this done in a timely fashion.

The latest news from the dev team explains the current situation and why we don’t have a release date yet for console gamers:

“Hey folks, the performance issues we’re seeing in the PC patch are also present on console. Because of this, we’re holding the release of the console patch until we fix it.

“As soon as we have info on that new release date, we’ll let you know. Thank you for your patience today.”

Fans will be hoping that the new Apex build will be ready in the coming days and will not include major gameplay issues.

The good news is that we know exactly what will be included in the new Apex Legends update when it does arrive on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Apex Level Cap is going up before the release of Season 3 and it will mean more Apex Packs for all players.

New cosmetic items, including weapon charms, will also be available when the new patch goes live.

“The Player Level cap has been increased from 100 to 500. Players can now earn a total of 199 Apex Packs related to Player Level rewards,” a recent message from Respawn explains.

“The net impact of this change is that players will now earn 59 Apex Packs from level 1 – 100 (up from 45 Apex Packs prior to this change).

“All players will be retroactively awarded any Apex Packs they should have received under this new system. For example, players who are currently level 100 will receive 14 Apex Packs when this system goes live. Players will now earn a new badge every 10 levels from 110 – 500.”

Respawn has also warned that XP levels will be reduced in Apex Legends, adding: “Under the old system, there was a large increase in XP required at level 26.

“Under the new system, we’ve reduced the rate at which XP required to level up increases from levels 20 to 58.”

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