Apple To Include Three Months Of Free Apple Arcade With New Purchases

Apple Arcade, the iPhone maker’s huge subscription gaming service, is good enough to be a major selling point for the iPhone and other Apple products–and soon, new Apple purchases will come with an extended free trial. While you can currently test out Apple Arcade for a month free, new purchases starting today will include three free months of Arcade.

This offer centers on the new 5G iPhone 12, releasing October 23, but it applies to all Apple products, including iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and Mac devices.

Apple Arcade is similar to Xbox Game Pass, except that it’s yet to lose any titles from its growing catalog. If a game is on Apple Arcade, it means it’s a mobile exclusive to that platform, and will not make its way to Android or other mobile stores. It usually costs $5 a month, so three months worth is a $15 saving.

Apple Arcade will also be part of the new Apple One service, which includes Apple TV+, Apple Music, and iCloud as well.

We assembled a list of the best Apple Arcade games at the program’s launch, but it’s grown a great deal since then, and now features over 130 games. Major upcoming releases include The Pathless and Reigns: Beyond.

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