Arcade1Up Reveals Infinity – A Digital Board Gaming Table

One of the biggest names in home arcade gaming is teaming up with one of the biggest names in board games to bring you a near-endless selection for game night. Arcade1Up launched a Kickstarter for a touchscreen table that can play Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, and other tabletop staples.

The product is called the Infinity Gaming Table, and its on Kickstarter from now until November 30. The tables themselves are estimated to be delivered in March 2021. There are two tables – a 24″ one for $499 and a 32″ one for $699. These Kickstarter prices are limited, and could go up when the product hits retail.

As for how it works, it’s essentially a large tablet with detachable table legs. Arcade1Up designed it to be tactile, support internet connection, and be spill-proof. It draws power from a wall charger, but higher Kickstarter tiers include a battery that can last up to three hours.

Habro’s partnership gives the Infinity Gaming Table a slew of pre-loaded games. These include classic hits like Monopoly, Battleship, and Scrabble. Arcade1Up is also open to helping indie designers create future content for the table. Dungeons & Dragons players can also hope that support for battle maps and modules is on the way, too.

Check out the Infinity Gaming Table Kickstarter here.

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