Arkham Legacy could be WB Games next DC project – report

For a while, WB Games has been teasing a new game in the Batman Arkham universe.

Even back in September, the publisher teased a series of cryptic messages that seemed to hint that a new game announcement was imminent.

As it happened, nothing came of it, and DC fans are still eagerly awaiting the announcement of whatever it is Warner Bros has been working on for the past few years.

Well, it's been about a month since the studio last made its teases, and now thanks to a renowned leaker, it looks like we may have found out what to expect from the next game in the Arkham world.

A leaker known as Sabi, that has a good track record when it comes to revealing games news before it's officially announced, tweeted something about the next Arkham project earlier this week.

Sabi tweeted: “Arkham legacy??” Followed by the eyes emjoi.

But that wasn't all. The leaker later noted: “The stuff about the playable family seems to be legit”.

They're referring to the fact that the game is rumoured to have multiple playable characters, and you'll be able to move between them as you progress through the story.

We don't know what Sabi's source on this is, and with no confirmation from WB Games about what it could be working on, we're taking this one with the standard pinch of salt.

Sabi's track record includes correctly predicting that Piranha Plant would be coming to Super Smash Bros . ahead of its actual announcement. So we're taking the insider info here a little more seriously than usual.

To add fuel to the fire, back in September , the voice actor of Bruce Wayne in the Arkham games let slip a nugget of information that hints an announcement about a new Batman game is coming very soon.

Roger Craig Smith, Batman's voice actor in Arkham Origins, tweeted a very suspicious tweet that seemed to suggest he's working on a new project… specifically, a new videogame project.

As if that's not enough for you, Warner Bros PR manager Gary Miereanu responds to Smith's tweet and promises that the publisher will be revealing something about its next project "reasonably soon".

Hmm. Expect more news, we hope, very soon.

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