Asda Black Friday £200 PS4 bundle comes with COD: Modern Warfare or FIFA 20

One of the best best Black Friday console deals so far has leaked on Asda’s website and includes a choice of the year’s two biggest sellers.

As if normal video game leaks weren’t enough, we’ve now got leaks of video game Black Friday deals, and it does seem as if the one Asda has accidentally revealed could be one of the best of the week.

Unlike Asda’s Switch Lite deal this one for the PlayStation 4 500GB Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and FIFA 20 bundles is going to be online, as that’s what’s listed on the website at the moment.

When you try to add the items to your basket they disappear though, which presumably means they’re saving them till Thursday or Friday and didn’t realise that the listings were currently visible to the public.

There’s a reasonable chance this isn’t actually an exclusive deal to Asda though and that other stores will have the same or similar offer once Black Friday hits.

At the very least Asda’s rivals are likely to price match it, especially now that the cat’s out of the bag.

Most of the PlayStation 4 deals so far have been for the more expensive PS4 Pro model, such as the £299.99 ones at GAME here.

The same PlayStation 4 bundles are currently around £240 on Amazon though, so Asda’s deal is a significant saving, as well as getting below that psychological £200 barrier.

Although most stores have had Black Friday deals going for days now most of them have said they’ll update their offerings on Thursday, which may mean there’s relatively few new ones for Black Friday itself.

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