Assassin’s Creed Art Director Purportedly Tells Fan That "AC Persia Is Inevitable"

A fan has claimed that Assassin’s Creed art director Rafael Lacoste recently told them that “AC Persia is inevitable, do not worry,” meaning that Ubisoft’s iconic franchise could have its sights set on Iran.

The news comes from Twitter, where an Assassin’s Creed fan recently posted a photo of their trip to Alamut Castle in Iran. Apparently, this person sent the same photo to Lacoste with the caption, “So when is Iran coming?” You can check out the tweet for yourself below.

When roughly translated by Google, the above message reads as follows:

“I sent photos of my trip to Alamut to Rafael Lacoste, the artistic director of the AC franchise, and said, ‘So when is Iran coming?’ ‘AC: Persia is inevitable, do not worry.'”

It’s worth noting that Alamut Castle, a legendary mountain fortress located in the South Caspian province of Qazvin in Iran, was the real-life headquarters of the Persian Order of Assassins. The term “assassination” itself is inherently tied to the tactics employed by this group between the 11th and 13th centuries., with the word “assassin” being derived from “hashashin,” which referred to a person who smoked hashish.

Assassin’s Creed is renowned for using this historical group as source material for its own fictionalized Assassin’s Order, to the extent that the last words of Hassan-i Sabbāh — the founder of the Order of the Assassins — are in the series’ eponymous creed: “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”

It’s important to take this with a pinch of salt: the person who shared this information has no concrete proof that Lacoste actually confirmed that an Assassin’s Creed game set in Persia is on the way. That being said, the series technically does need to visit Iran at some point in order to properly acknowledge the origins of the Assassin’s Order. It might not be the next game, but eventually we will have to visit Alamut Castle in order to truly understand how the series’ take on the real-life Order of Assassins actually came about.

While this purported confirmation of an Assassin’s Creed game set in Persia is not quite enough to state that we’re going to be visiting Iran in the next game — or even the one after that — it at least serves as a reminder of where Assassin’s Creed’s timeline begins. Sooner or later, that will be where we’re headed. Even if it turns out that Lacoste never said anything about Iran, it seems that “AC Persia is inevitable.”

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