Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – How To Find And Defeat The Cyclops

Of every mythical beast and monster in Greek mythology, the Cyclops might seem like a pushover relative to the others. It has no magical powers, and is basically just a giant with one eye, but in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey this brute is not a challenge you should take lightly. Once you know just how to find this one-eyed foe, fighting him will push you to the limit. We’ve done all the legwork on this assassination, so all you need to do is follow along to bring the Cyclops down.

How To Find The Cyclops

The Cyclops, just like the other Legendary Creatures in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, waits at the end of a small chain of quests. You will have to work your way through all of them before you can confront the beast and get one step closer to unlocking the gates of Atlantis.

A God Among Men

The first quest in the chain you need to find is A God Among Men, which you can pick up on Kythera Island near Murex Fort. A man here begs for help saving his supposed “God” called Empedokles. Agree to help free his friend and make your way down to the fort where he is held. Scout out the area with Ikaros and sneak your way in – stealth killing here and there if you need to – and unlock the cage. Empedokles will make a run for it, mocking his “feeble human” captors all along the way. Just keep up with him and follow him back to safety.

After a few cutscenes Empedokles will tell you about a special purple robe that was stolen from him that held a disk, functioning as a key to his family estate. Agree to retrieve it to begin the second quest in the chain.

Left To Dye

The disk you’re after is on the same island, Kythera, and is being moved between Kythera Town and the Murex Dyeing Facility. The thief has two guards, so dispatch them all however you like, loot the disk, and head back to Empedokles.

Stairway to Olympos

As a reward for your help, Empedokles says he will “introduce you to his brothers and sisters,” listing out a few Greek Gods. He tells you to sail for the Gulf of Korinth and meet him there. Hop on your boat and sail over to your waypoint called the Cave of the Forgotten Isle.

You’ll need to make a major dive into a pool of water, swim through a small tunnel, and surface to meet Empedokles once again. He tells you to listen for the Gods just beyond the door, but clearly whatever is making that noise is a very large monster. If you’re ready, use the disk and open the doors. After Empedokles meets his unceremonious end, the Cyclops turns his eye on you.

How To Kill The Cyclops

If you’re at all familiar with games, then it is probably already in your instinct to target the Cyclops’ glowing eye as a weak point. He does try a little to protect his one remaining eye, but you’re mostly open to firing arrows into it from a distance. Get enough hits in, and he’ll fall to his knees where you can combo some melee strikes or unleash some abilities on him. Back off when he recovers and repeat the process until his health is down to 50%

At this point the Cyclops will grab a club and try to smash you with it, and occasionally smack the ground so rocks fall from the ceiling. Continue to keep your distance, pelting arrows into his face, and he’ll go down for good in no time. Loot his eye, which turns out to be a piece of Eden, and you’ve conquered this Legendary Creature.

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