Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Title Update 1.1.0 Drops Tomorrow, Includes Yule Season Support

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will receive Title Update 1.1.0 on December 15, adding support for the upcoming Yule Festival and ironing out a few lingering issues with the game’s performance.

The update will be available for download tomorrow at 7am ET on all platforms, although the file size is drastically different based on your platform – PS4’s update is only 2.4GB, while Xbox Series X|S users need 6.3GB of free space. Regardless, there’s a lot of great content coming with Valhalla’s latest patch.

Ubisoft is bringing the holiday spirit to Valhalla with the Yule Festival – a limited-time event with numerous winter-themed festivities and exclusive rewards. Once your game is updated, you’ll “see the arrival of revelers just east of the current settlement.” There’s also added support for the Settlement expansion, although Ubisoft didn’t say much else about it.

Both the Yule Festival and the Settlement expansion will be detailed in an upcoming Yule Season Preview post – check back in the coming days for more info.

Beyond preparing for events, Title Update 1.1.0 also took care of a few more bugs and solved performance issues that have plagued the title since launch. Legendary animal trophies will now properly display in your Longhouse, NPC power level behavior has been balanced, and issues with freezing have been fixed over on PC. Several graphical issues have been solved, too, including NPC animation and clipping problems.

If you’ve been having trouble with Quests and World Events, then you’ll love all the fixes coming tomorrow. More than 20 Quests have seen tweaks, correcting problems that often resulted in halted progress – objectives not updating, allies not opening doors, and other mission-ending bugs have been squashed.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been having a great year, and Ubisoft is closing out 2020 with more great news for the popular game. As of today, Valhalla is playable on Google Stadia through Ubisoft Plus. If you’re a monthly subscriber to the service can now access your content remotely through Stadia, even if you’re not a Stadia Pro member.

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